[02:23pm] Nullan : NYSE has warned of a $4B of market on close sell orders. (These can be cancelled b4 then, but not added.)
[01:30pm] Nullan : Selloff gains momentum.
[12:45pm] Nullan : SPY: Low of day, -1% or -$3.30.
[11:38am] Nullan : WM: Spikes up, +0.4%. No position. Just looks impressive on a chart.
[11:25am] Nullan : Lumber futures: down lock limit, -3%.
[10:53am] Nullan : ADM: new 52 week high.
[10:38am] Nullan : VTRU: New issue.
[10:02am] Nullan : Gold futures: +$7.30, and moving up.
[09:48am] Nullan : SPY: Airpocket.
[09:07am] Nullan : Rain on the east coast is likely to be bigger news than the market today.
[09:01am] Nullan : SPY: hi of day, +$1.46.
[03:58pm] Nullan : Looks like a small loss today. Back in morn.
[11:52am] Nullan : QQQ: weak tech stocks. -2%
[10:49am] Nullan : WLK: +2%. Storms could add to sales of their inflastucture products. Located in Houston.
[10:19am] Nullan : Recovering from early selling pressure.
[10:19am] rysky007 : hey guys
[10:19am] rysky007 : how are things looking this morning?
[09:16am] Nullan : Gold & silver: weak. -1.5% & -3.7%.
[09:10am] Nullan : https://www.southerncompany.com/newsroom/2020/sept-2020/restoration-after-hurricane-sally.html
[09:04am] shadow1461 : Grand daughter is there.... safe but no power
[08:59am] Nullan : 24 inches of rain at Pensacola!
[03:55pm] Nullan : Corn futures: +1.8%. (+$6.62.) Hi of day.
[03:22pm] Nullan : XLE: Turns down on all this talking. Crude futures remain firm.
[03:12pm] Nullan : Powell: He talks too much.
[02:39pm] Nullan : XLE: +5%. Still in line with crude futures.
[02:06pm] Nullan : ITRN: I bot a new car some years ago, and had their device attached. The car was stolen, and recovered in a field in kess than 24 hours. But the car was stripped, but it might not have been found in a month without it.
[01:25pm] Nullan : ITRN: This was once a great stock to own. Unless someone buys them out, the future is not bright.
[01:03pm] Nullan : Where is all this $$ coming from? Bonds are being called away. The issuer can float new bonds at a lower coupon. Not everybody goes along with that. Plus margin is cheap. :0
[12:52pm] Nullan : XLE: +4%. About in line with crude & Brent.
[12:48pm] Nullan : PLOW: If you think we are going to have lots of snow this winter, PLOW is your stock. They make snowplows.
[12:39pm] Nullan : SNOW: halted.
[12:39pm] Nullan : SNOW: Just opened.
[12:34pm] Nullan : FROG: New issue. (Yes, it jumped up,)
[11:57am] Nullan : STEP: another new issue.
[11:36am] Nullan : MTCR: New issue just started trading.
[11:30am] Nullan : KMI: +2.5%. Whoever was that big seller yesterday is gone.
[10:42am] rysky007 : ENZC holding its high levels
[10:03am] Nullan : XLE: Up, but trails crude & Brent.
[10:02am] Nullan : ADP: Biggest gainer for me today.
[09:51am] rysky007 : HSTO
[09:51am] rysky007 : ENZC moving
[09:51am] rysky007 : PERT
[09:51am] rysky007 : SPONF
[09:51am] rysky007 : GSM
[09:33am] shadow1461 : ATGN target 2.70
[09:33am] Nullan : KOOK Halted, +75%. No position.
[09:04am] rysky007 : Wednesday, September 16 2020 8:30 AM, EST International Endeavors Corp. Enters Multi-Billion Dollar Global Glamping Industry With Eco-Friendly Resort GlobeNewswire   "Press Releases" NEW YORK, NY , Sept. 16, 2020 (GLOBE
[09:02am] Nullan : TSCO in my holdings.
[09:01am] Nullan : GM, among the big caps.
[09:00am] Nullan : KODK
[09:00am] Nullan : myo
[09:00am] rysky007 : whats moving pre market?
[08:59am] rysky007 : morning
[03:55pm] Nullan : XLE: down a bit (28¢), even as crude is firm.
[03:48pm] Nullan : SPY: Volume spike & up tick. Not confirmed by futures trading.
[03:45pm] Nullan : No, I am not in anywhere near an earthqauake zone.
[03:06pm] Nullan : KMI: lockstep pattern resumes. Volume about normal.
[02:29pm] Nullan : KMI: Unusal chart pattern. It looks like someone is hitting every bid. Going down in lock-step.
[01:53pm] Nullan : ADP: It expires in November. So, the movement will be slow unless ADP starts getting more volatile.
[01:43pm] Nullan : ADP: My short puts have lost 1/3 of it market value in just 4 market days. ;)
[12:53pm] Nullan : Crude futures: +2.8%. Brent: +2.4%. Xle: +10¢. :S
[12:25pm] Nullan : TIP: Hi of day on no news.
[12:04pm] Nullan : Commodity futures are not for the faint-hearted. I only use the info, and avoid an actual trade.
[11:57am] Nullan : Also, the coming winter pushes the remaining demand south.
[11:54am] Nullan : Lumber has been rising even b4 the fires.
[11:54am] rysky007 : really, even with all the fires?
[10:00am] Nullan : Lumber futures open +4%.
[09:54am] shadow1461 : EYES, OGEN
[09:40am] Nullan : PCH: Bot at $43.18. Wanted to get it b4 the lumber futures opened.
[09:34am] Nullan : Lumber futures indicated up lock limit. Opens at top of hour.
[09:28am] Nullan : Greetings, shadow1461
[09:27am] shadow1461 : good morning
[09:15am] Nullan : QQQ: tech heavy index is +1.3%.
[08:59am] rysky007 : SPY been up on the screen all morning, cant predict direction
[08:58am] rysky007 : watching CPMD for bounce
[08:58am] Nullan : XLE: Indicated +1%. Gold & silver up, too.
[08:39am] Nullan : SPY: Nearly +$3.
[04:05pm] Nullan : Did well today. Back in morn.
[02:56pm] Nullan : SPY: dips with a volume spike.
[02:46pm] Nullan : WLK & WLKP: Doing well, but Sally is coming.
[02:35pm] rysky007 : odd shift mid day
[01:16pm] Nullan : My only option position, a short put on ADP, is profitable today. ;)
[01:07pm] Nullan : Crude futures are down only a little. XLE is +1.4% (+$.47)
[01:03pm] Nullan : Options are not for just anybody. But they are a lower risk than buying a state lottery ticket.
[01:01pm] rysky007 : interesting
[12:47pm] Nullan : https://www.investopedia.com/terms/b/blackscholes.asp
[12:46pm] Nullan : The modified Black & Scholes option formula attempts to do that, but the author never mentioned it.
[11:47am] Nullan : PCH In rocket mode. No, I did not buy it. Darn.
[11:44am] Nullan : NHI: hi of day. Pays a nice divvy, too,
[11:37am] Nullan : Silver futures: hi of day, +64¢. SLV is the etf.
[11:31am] Nullan : ADP: My star of the day. +$3.12.
[11:29am] Nullan : KMI: hi of day, +$.28.
[10:06am] Nullan : SPY: Looks like a rocket! +$5.50.
[10:00am] Nullan : 11 positions in my risk portfolio; all green.
[09:55am] Nullan : ADP: Nice rebound today.
[09:49am] Nullan : SPY: Spikes to hi of day, +$4.7.
[09:46am] shadow1461 : MOXC
[09:46am] Nullan : CAR: Persistant insider buying. Chart not as hopeful, but should be OK to hold.
[09:37am] Nullan : WY or PCH: good lumber stocks. (no positions, yet)
[09:37am] Nullan : Yes, the wild fires are awful. But they will rebuild and they will want lumber. Lumber futures open at top of hour, and near lock limit up.
[09:30am] Nullan : ADM: new 52 week hi.
[08:57am] Nullan : SPY: +0.9%. Futures up a bit more.
[08:48am] rysky007 : good morning
[08:48am] rysky007 : whats on the radar?
[08:47am] Nullan : PFE: Was a lucky guess. Bot in July.
[08:43am] shadow1461 : ELVT, HHT, WPRT, TUSK on watch
[08:37am] Nullan : Greetings, shadow1461
[08:36am] shadow1461 : good morning
[08:27am] Nullan : Gold & silver higher, +0.5% & +1.1%.
[08:20am] Nullan : Good morning.
[05:17pm] rysky007 : not a bad day over all
[03:48pm] Nullan : Only to day, the trade is going my way..for now.
[03:29pm] Nullan : NWE: goes x-divvy on Monday. It has firmed up in the last hour or so. I have my position. The risk-takers among us might be able to snag the divvy and a few pennies, by buying b4 the end of the day. Good luck.
[02:51pm] Nullan : SPY: Nearing unch.
[02:47pm] Nullan : NKLA: Are they for real? There is reasonable doubt. That does not grounds to short NKLA. Just lots of doubt.
[02:45pm] Nullan : RSG: I like garbage. WM & RSG almost always show a profit. But I sold RSG when they said they would buy garbage trucks from NKLA. No prototype, no drawings; just an order that might happen in some years.
[01:46pm] Nullan : I use a screener that shows the actives on a trades/minute basis.
[01:46pm] Nullan : Only 5 of 30 stocks in my active list are green.
[01:42pm] Nullan : VXX: Is a tradeable proxy for VIX.
[01:36pm] Nullan : VXX: signals a pause, at least,
[01:32pm] Nullan : VIXhi of day, 29.44, ans till climbing.
[01:31pm] Nullan : I was looking at 2 futures charts, the QQQ, and SPY.
[01:29pm] rysky007 : ones I thougth would be dead today
[01:29pm] rysky007 : seeing some volume spikes on random charts
[01:29pm] Nullan : I did not see a volume spike that often marks the end of a decent.
[01:09pm] Nullan : SPY: -$1.48. :|
[01:06pm] Nullan : SPY: -$1.00.
[12:58pm] Nullan : SPY: -60¢.
[12:46pm] Nullan : GLD: Still green, but pointed down.
[12:45pm] Nullan : Gold: low of day. -$11 on futures mkt.
[12:42pm] Nullan : SPY: turns down. low of day, -23¢.
[11:00am] Nullan : ADM: 52 week hi.
[10:34am] Nullan : WLK: My biggest gainer today.
[10:34am] Nullan : IBM: hod, +1.2%.
[10:32am] rysky007 : over slept, whts moving
[10:14am] Nullan : A $10 difference.
[10:14am] Nullan : Odd: S&P Deecember futures are cheaper than the Sept. contract, which expires next Friday.
[09:58am] Nullan : SPY: Was green all night. Now approaching unch.
[09:30am] Nullan : SPY: well off over night highs, but still +2.04.
[09:29am] Nullan : Acknowledged.
[09:28am] alchemytrader22 : gm
[08:59am] Nullan : Crude & Brent very weak: -1.5% & -1.6%.
[08:37am] Nullan : CPI report: https://seekingalpha.com/news/3613273-core-cpi-rises-expected-in-august
[04:00pm] Nullan : Off to the showers. Back in morn.
[02:59pm] Nullan : ADP: sold naked puts to buy at $95. And got a negative commission of 95¢!
[02:29pm] rysky007 : interesting
[02:24pm] Nullan : SPY: make that -1.1%.
[02:16pm] Nullan : SPY: low of day. -0.8%.
[01:58pm] rysky007 : perhaps its time
[01:58pm] Nullan : Both Spy and futures lookin weak.
[01:57pm] rysky007 : back down?
[01:57pm] Nullan : It looked that way in the moment.
[01:56pm] rysky007 : thats a good sign right?
[01:20pm] Nullan : Now they pushed the up button.
[12:39pm] rysky007 : lol
[12:37pm] rysky007 : all going red?
[08:54am] Nullan : SPY: Wants to go up.
[04:00pm] Nullan : Back in morning.
[03:50pm] Nullan : XOM: took my trade, then dived like a chicken hawk. :E
[03:20pm] Nullan : sold.
[01:46pm] Nullan : XOM: entered a sell order. They are very likely to cut or eliminate their divvy.
[11:05am] Nullan : SPY: high of day. +$7, +2.1%.
[11:02am] rysky007 : SCON
[11:02am] rysky007 : BTDG goo dmove and volme
[11:02am] rysky007 : volume
[11:02am] rysky007 : KXIN
[11:02am] rysky007 : VNUE has been a great swing today
[10:41am] rysky007 : smart call
[10:37am] Nullan : TSCO: +3%. When the harvest is completed, this is where they go to shop in the farmbelt.
[10:02am] rysky007 : nice
[10:02am] Nullan : For me, yes, it suits me.
[10:01am] rysky007 : not a bad morning so far right?
[10:00am] Nullan : GLD: the etf.
[10:00am] Nullan : Gold futures, hod.
[09:21am] Nullan : SPY: high of day at +4.57. (+1.4%)
[09:12am] Nullan : ADP: Goes x-dividend tomorrow.
[08:59am] Nullan : SPY: +1%.
[08:58am] rysky007 : good
[08:54am] Nullan : Not unless there is a nasty surprise. None seen, so far.
[08:53am] rysky007 : looking like another red day?
[08:52am] Nullan : That contract expires a week from Friday.
[08:52am] Nullan : Sept S&P is +1%.
[08:51am] rysky007 : how are futures?
[08:34am] Nullan : Softbank: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/softbank-loses-15b-market-valuation-085456606.html
[04:00pm] Nullan : C ya in morning.
[03:59pm] Nullan : TSLA: Down 21%.
[03:47pm] Nullan : QQQ: No tech stocks in my account.
[03:27pm] rysky007 : really?
[01:53pm] Nullan : SO: High of day. My only green in my risk portfolio.
[12:11pm] Nullan : Brent & Crude: bouncing off bottoms. Still down -4.7% & -7%.
[11:23am] rysky007 : odd day, thougth I would see more runners today
[11:23am] rysky007 : my watchlist is 50 50
[10:11am] Nullan : XLE & XOM: both -4%.
[10:08am] Nullan : SPY: -2%.
[10:08am] rysky007 : morning
[10:08am] rysky007 : late today
[10:08am] rysky007 : whtas moving?
[10:08am] rysky007 : what is moving
[10:04am] Nullan : NWE: Bot at $51.15.
[09:57am] Nullan : NWE: Still on my buy list. Weak today.
[09:37am] programicpro : transcanna
[09:35am] programicpro : TCAN
[09:31am] Nullan : SPY: -2%.
[09:28am] Nullan : Crude oil futures, -6.6%. ($37.11/barrel)
[08:48am] Nullan : qqq: -%. Ouch, if you are holding tech stocks.
[02:50pm] rysky007 : what is every ones over the wekeend watch list?
[04:00pm] Nullan : NWE: Will try again on Monday. Night all.
[02:03pm] rysky007 : watching
[11:21am] rysky007 : lol its friday
[11:21am] rysky007 : it happens
[10:54am] Nullan : Mycable went down.
[10:53am] rysky007 : watching news, quiet for now. what are you seeing?
[10:34am] Nullan : Bad things happening in New York city.
[10:31am] Nullan : VIX: Hi of day 35.81, +6.7%
[10:19am] Nullan : SPY in dive mode.
[10:19am] Nullan : IBKR is my broker. They have a good platform.
[10:16am] Nullan : I also have an IRA with 7 positions.
[10:16am] rysky007 : you have other tradres you trade with? or solo?
[10:15am] rysky007 : let me pull it up
[10:14am] Nullan : ADP is only 1 stock of 13 in my risk portfolio.
[10:10am] rysky007 : so about 10% is your goal?
[10:06am] Nullan : ADP goes x-divvy next week.
[10:06am] rysky007 : whats your goal on that one?
[10:04am] rysky007 : how much gain do you play each one for? whats your goal on each trade?
[10:01am] Nullan : ADP: Gangbusters today!
[09:59am] Nullan : TSLA: down 4.5%.
[09:59am] rysky007 : not enough IMO
[09:59am] rysky007 : SNWV
[09:59am] rysky007 : im watching IDVV, not something you play, but when it heats up it tends to move
[09:58am] rysky007 : is Tesla still up? thought it was needing a pull back, last I saw was up high
[09:58am] Nullan : ADM: 52 week hi.
[09:53am] Nullan : SPY goes red.
[09:23am] Nullan : Crude futures not supportive of oil stocks, this morning.
[09:20am] pulkitsaini : any other stock you think to keep an eye out
[09:19am] pulkitsaini : lol ok
[09:19am] Nullan : Buy the car, but not the stock.
[09:18am] pulkitsaini : what you guys think about tesla?
[09:18am] pulkitsaini : ohhok
[09:16am] Nullan : Likely to be a slow day.
[09:14am] pulkitsaini : any mega alert today?
[09:14am] pulkitsaini : Good morning
[08:35am] Nullan : Good morning.
[04:46pm] rysky007 : nice day, 43% made, no complaints
[04:01pm] Nullan : Back in morning.
[03:25pm] Nullan : ADP: Slips below $138.
[02:59pm] Nullan : Sure hope no one here has a margin call. Tomorrow is likely to be a low volume day. A holiday & a margin call is a bummer.
[02:55pm] Nullan : Bot ADP.
[02:37pm] Nullan : Yes. At least for 2day.
[02:36pm] rysky007 : you think it will stay above 138?
[02:30pm] Nullan : ADP: moved buy to $138.65.
[02:28pm] rysky007 : SPY moving
[01:51pm] Nullan : Open order to buy ADP @ $138,70.
[01:08pm] Nullan : SPY: Just off lod. ($344.25)
[12:14pm] rysky007 : postive or negative for markets? it can backfrire
[12:14pm] rysky007 : saw that news this morning
[12:02pm] Nullan : Source: NY Times.
[12:02pm] Nullan : "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has notified public health officials in all 50 states and five large cities to prepare to distribute a coronavirus vaccine to health care workers and other high-risk groups as soon as late October
[11:49am] rysky007 : kk watching
[11:48am] Nullan : This is probably as far as it will goe down for the day. That assumes that no bad news comes out of left field.
[11:46am] rysky007 : think so?
[11:46am] rysky007 : not time for a pull back?
[10:50am] Nullan : Slide resumes.
[10:39am] Nullan : .WLK: Bot at $61.75.
[10:27am] Nullan : VXX & VIX: Not favorable yet.
[10:21am] Nullan : SPY: For the moment, looks like a playground slide...without ground in view.
[10:15am] Nullan : SPY & Sept. futures are weak.
[10:10am] rysky007 : what entry point are u looking for?
[10:09am] Nullan : WLK: Looking to buy. Trending lower now. Will wait. (Never try to buy a falling knife.)
[09:36am] rysky007 : WRHLF interesting news out
[09:35am] rysky007 : moring
[09:35am] rysky007 : whats mornign?
[09:23am] Nullan : SPY: Has been trending lower overnight. -0.5% now. -$1.90.
[09:02am] Nullan : PFE & others: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4372162-who-is-ahead-in-covidminus-19-vaccine-race
[05:47pm] rysky007 : have a great nigth guys, see you in the AM
[04:01pm] Nullan : Back in morning.
[03:44pm] Nullan : This looks like a blow-off. That is to say, a sell opportunity.
[03:28pm] Nullan : Now VIX &VXX backing off. That is good, if it continues.
[03:20pm] Nullan : VXX & VIX: hod of day, including over night.
[03:16pm] Nullan : VIX: rising at same time. Not good.
[03:15pm] Nullan : SPY high of day. But volume not confirming...yet.
[03:11pm] shadow1461 : out ALYI @ .0389.... hitch in giddy-up..... back in@ .0235
[02:50pm] rysky007 >Nullan : thank you
[01:18pm] Nullan : IBM: +3%. Near hod.
[01:17pm] Nullan : SPY: high of day (hod), +1%
[01:13pm] Nullan : I have 32 open charts. 18 open position. Better to ask about something than to keep up with me. I am not usually a short term trader, so I do have the time to share my info.
[12:44pm] rysky007 : your watching it all
[12:44pm] rysky007 : I cant even keep up lol
[12:23pm] Nullan : Coeection: Silver is -4%.
[12:23pm] Nullan : Gold & Silver getting dumped. -1,7% & -1.2% (futures)
[12:08pm] rysky007 : kk smart
[12:07pm] Nullan : The spread is the 1st thing I look at. If the spread is small, trading a stock is fairly easy, even on low volume days.
[12:04pm] rysky007 : what type of liquidity do you look for?
[11:54am] Nullan : WLK: Jumps on no news. No position, unless it falls back.
[11:49am] rysky007 : you mostly trade big boards?
[11:49am] Nullan : TSLA: -10% and short-sale restricted. (No position)
[11:41am] Nullan : QQQ: low of day. Only red I see among major indexes.
[11:33am] Nullan : Lumber futures may have topped out, finally. https://www.nasdaq.com/market-activity/commodities/lbs
[11:01am] Nullan : INTC & AAPL: The most active stocks on a trades per minute basis.
[10:42am] Nullan : XOM: Is likely to cut or eliminate the divvy unless biz picks up. That would be announced in early November.
[10:34am] rysky007 : nice
[10:34am] rysky007 : got XOM on watch
[10:33am] Nullan : XLE & XOM: Advancing on gasoline inventory report.
[10:24am] Nullan : SPY: +0.6%. Sept futures: +0.6%.
[10:23am] rysky007 : big boards moving today?
[10:18am] Nullan : ADM: My biggest gainer so far, +1.3%.
[09:38am] Nullan : TSCO: Completed my buy.
[09:00am] Nullan : BTW, the ag sector is doing well this year.
[08:14am] alchemytrader22 : :(
[08:14am] alchemytrader22 : i hate NIO. i had it at 5.77 last year and cut losses in the 2.00s
[08:14am] alchemytrader22 : lol
[04:03pm] Nullan : Gotta go. C ya.
[03:25pm] Nullan : NIO: Hands down the most actively traded stock today. 1000 trade/min. Makes electric cars in China.
[03:24pm] rysky007 : really?
[03:03pm] Nullan : GOGO: On fire, but way over priced. Has a negative book value.
[02:03pm] rysky007 : very nice
[02:03pm] zilverman77 : This is My Fourth Gold Bull Market! Take a look at this very well written article by Peter Degraaf. He discusses price targets for both silver and gold. https://www.kitco.com/commentaries/2020-08-28/This-is-my-fourth-gold-bull-market.html
[02:03pm] zilverman77 : SBUM
[12:33pm] rysky007 : saw that this morning, you still in?
[10:33am] shadow1461 : ALYI another leg up
[10:19am] rysky007 : watching
[10:11am] shadow1461 : Hi all ALYI uppity
[05:32pm] rysky007 : BBI has a nice chart
[03:48pm] Homebrew : BBI about to move up..again...test hod? getting close
[03:04pm] rysky007 : interesting
[03:03pm] rysky007 : really?
[03:03pm] Homebrew : BBI $5 and $6 Targets per yahoo and Lake street today up 10%
[11:44am] Homebrew : Biught some HJLI to hold over weekend...News expected anyday...per last PR
[10:10am] rysky007 : IDVV day high .0155
[09:30am] rysky007 : IDVV is my Mega Friday Chart Alert
[09:30am] rysky007 : IDVV is my Mega Friday Chart Alert
[09:30am] rysky007 : IDVV is my Mega Friday Chart Alert
[09:30am] rysky007 : IDVV is my Mega Friday Chart Alert
[09:30am] rysky007 : IDVV is my Mega Friday Chart Alert
[09:30am] rysky007 : IDVV is my Mega Friday Chart Alert
[09:26am] rysky007 : MOXC
[09:26am] rysky007 : VBIV
[09:26am] rysky007 : NAK
[09:26am] rysky007 : AIM
[09:25am] rysky007 : MYT moving on news
[09:25am] rysky007 : PER
[09:25am] rysky007 : PED
[09:02am] rysky007 : SNWV on watch
[09:02am] rysky007 : good morning
[11:30am] rysky007 : im here
[10:30am] alchemytrader22 : hellooo...anyone here?? *echo
[09:23am] rysky007 : nice chart on VIVE
[06:33am] alchemytrader22 : VIVE .91 positive data
[03:42pm] traderearl : PURA ww
[02:38pm] rysky007 : wow IDVV moving on news
[09:32am] rysky007 : SNWV amazing news today
[09:32am] rysky007 : Monday, August 24 2020 9:25 AM, EST SANUWAVE Health Receives Approval from The National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) to Market dermaPACE to Treat Chronic Wounds in Brazil
[02:06pm] rysky007 : IDVV interesting chart I came accross
[11:58am] rysky007 : what you looking at today?
[11:25am] Homebrew : GM ..late but ready to trade..
[02:58pm] rysky007 : KDSC
[02:58pm] rysky007 : VMNT
[02:58pm] rysky007 : MYFT nice move today
[02:58pm] rysky007 : GRST
[02:58pm] rysky007 : GEVO
[09:18am] alchemytrader22 : MNPR 6.90 low float covid. newsletter could pump
[12:57pm] rysky007 : awesome thank you for the heads up
[12:56pm] it_all_adds_up : GNBT... great news today and more coming next week - 8-24-20
[09:19am] rysky007 : ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / August 17, 2020 / Findit, Inc. (OTC PINK:FDIT) reported a revenue increase in the fourth quarter over the same period one year ago of 118%. With revenues of $90,627.00 in 2020 versus $41,508.00 in 2019. Findit, Inc. po
[09:18am] rysky007 : FDIT Big news
[09:18am] rysky007 : Findit, Inc. Reports 2020 2nd Quarter Revenue Up 118% Over Same Period Last Year 2019
[01:27pm] traderearl : GMEV ww
[10:06am] Homebrew : Bought some MOXC up 7%
[09:13am] Homebrew : GM
[11:19am] rysky007 : howdy
[11:18am] Homebrew : Good Morning
[08:54am] rysky007 : good morning
[11:12am] MickMasters : https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/quote/NWDMF
[11:11am] MickMasters : Hey guys, have a look at NWDMF(New Dimension Resources). Trading around 5 cents, but they got several gold properties and agreements with the large caps, also announced raising $4 million on Friday with an insitution and insiders taking a majori
[01:22pm] zilverman77 : Guru Eric Sprott talks silver in this video $80 this year?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qs4j2MfziOQ
[01:22pm] zilverman77 : SBUM
[03:36pm] zilverman77 : $ATOM Lots of Good Progress Being Made! Take a look at this article posted earlier today. Lots of promising information. Things are looking great! https://joesstockreports.wordpress.com/2020/08/07/atomeraatom-q2-cc-information/
[03:31pm] rysky007 : awesome, thank you
[03:31pm] rysky007 : on watch list
[03:12pm] Homebrew : $ADIL looking like it wants to go Green again... Swing trade over weekend for me
[02:27pm] traderearl : RNWF
[09:32am] rysky007 : just doesnt stop hu
[09:32am] brandin007 : OPTI just hit 52 week high
[09:32am] rysky007 : wow
[09:31am] rysky007 : ADTX moving
[03:37pm] zilverman77 : PGAS
[03:36pm] zilverman77 : Operations starting soon The article mentioned that operations were expected to begin sometime in August 2020 https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2020/07/08/2059312/0/en/Petrogress-Inc-Announces-the-establishment-of-its-branch-representation
[03:24pm] zilverman77 : SBUM
[03:24pm] zilverman77 : $30 Silver here we come! A note from the experts at Straits Financial https://app.luminpdf.com/viewer/5f2b05e3dff99a00135bd921
[02:50pm] Homebrew : $BIOC strong final hour and likely strong pre market and thursday up 17% on heavy vol. large float
[01:22pm] arudd1986 : Good morning everyone
[01:20pm] traderearl : No one seen STHC
[01:14pm] MMarshall4000 : Anyone have any updating penny stock exploding news?
[12:48pm] Homebrew : $BIOC wants to make a run for $1.00 today or thursday,, up 12% at hod. .877
[12:02pm] jesoba3287 : Good morning
[11:48am] rysky007 : for OTC, Etrade, TD/Scott, Suretrader, Interactive Brokers
[11:47am] rysky007 : Robinhood is not meant for day trading or even OTC, mostly high priced listed stocks
[11:44am] jesoba3287 : what platform do you guys use to purchase the penny stocks?
[09:20am] rysky007 : this is a huge opp for them to use the SEC as hound dog after Trump since he mentioned it, and then the stock price took off
[09:20am] rysky007 : was all over the news yesterday
[09:11am] brandin007 : dodm
[09:11am] rysky007 : not worried about halt now that SEC announced they are researching into its run and Trumps envolvment?
[09:10am] brandin007 : $OPTI Apple is taking UV lighting seriously in decontamination of idevices with a patent. OPTEC is literally trying to turn every smartphone and tablet into PPE. Built-in technology to allow devices to function similarly to the iwand !
[09:08am] rysky007 : wow
[09:08am] brandin007 : OPTI new highs! broke a dime in pre-market, high of .11
[09:07am] rysky007 : good morning
[09:07am] rysky007 : whtas cooking pre market?
[08:54am] brandin007 : good morning all!
[08:15am] MMarshall4000 : Good Morning!
[11:41am] brandin007 : OPTI looking like it is consolidating around .0910 which is very good. Looking for more solid gains this afternoon
[11:34am] rysky007 : wow
[10:16am] shadow1461 : shazam
[10:08am] brandin007 : OPTI just hit .85 !!!
[09:59am] brandin007 : thanks shadow, suppose to have more news tomorrow, i hope it makes a dime
[09:56am] brandin007 : shadow - how far you see this OPTI run?
[09:52am] shadow1461 : yup... been in OPTI since a nickel
[09:05am] shadow1461 : watching DRRX, CODX, TTI, PURE
[09:04am] shadow1461 : good morning
[05:12pm] rysky007 : impressive day
[03:56pm] brandin007 : OPTI all the way boys
[01:10pm] Homebrew : DTSS bounce off lod? building sup looks like could bounce soon
[12:29pm] rysky007 : damn, I was trading a crypto and missed it :(
[12:28pm] brandin007 : another run
[12:28pm] brandin007 : OPTI
[12:28pm] brandin007 : and away we go
[10:31am] brandin007 : and bounce it did!
[10:05am] brandin007 : its either going to close the gap or bounce depending on the pressure
[10:03am] brandin007 : yea check itout
[10:03am] rysky007 : been watching PSRU
[10:03am] rysky007 : it moved again today?
[10:02am] brandin007 : with the latest news OPTI popped this morning!
[04:07pm] rysky007 : hit me up lets chat
[02:28pm] Boston of MIA : got some ideas I wana speak with you about when ya got a few mins....
[02:27pm] Boston of MIA : yeah luckily I was still awake when everything flash crashed late night, early this morning... had luckily taken profits earlier in the day too, twice actually.... so I was able to gobble up some cheapies
[02:23pm] rysky007 : just watching this BTC run and some smaller ones around it
[02:23pm] rysky007 : good
[02:19pm] rysky007 : heu bud, how are you?
[02:18pm] Boston of MIA >rysky007 : sup bruddha?
[11:23am] Homebrew : t
[10:39am] rysky007 : traded it twice when it started its run, but got distracted
[10:39am] brandin007 : what you been looking at recently?
[10:38am] rysky007 : kk back on watch list
[10:38am] rysky007 : thank you
[10:38am] brandin007 : will jump again after lunch or tomorrow
[10:38am] brandin007 : now back in a stand still
[10:38am] brandin007 : it ran the last two days
[10:25am] rysky007 : still runing? Havent watched it the last week
[10:25am] rysky007 : OPTI has been amazing
[09:30am] brandin007 : great gains
[08:07am] shadow1461 : all your eggs in one basket..... not even worth reading
[03:24pm] zilverman77 : Am I not allowed to spread the word everywhere?
[02:10pm] rysky007 : ill let him know to stop :)
[02:10pm] rysky007 : ah, figured
[02:03pm] traderearl : Zilverman is paid to post this stuff all over the place. I have seen the exact same posts form him in 5 different sites and 3 different rooms.
[02:00pm] rysky007 : what do you mean?
[01:44pm] traderearl : Paid pumps allowed in here now beisdes the rooms
[01:27pm] zilverman77 : SBUM
[09:30am] rysky007 : PIXY is my Mega Wednesday Alert
[09:30am] rysky007 : PIXY is my Mega Wednesday Alert
[09:30am] rysky007 : PIXY is my Mega Wednesday Alert
[09:30am] rysky007 : PIXY is my Mega Wednesday Alert
[09:30am] rysky007 : PIXY is my Mega Wednesday Alert
[09:29am] rysky007 : PIXY is my Mega Wednesday Alert
[08:01pm] rysky007 : awesome
[08:01pm] Kylefrink : $RAD bottom bounce, $KBLB maybe, and watching $INO after financials
[02:26pm] zilverman77 : New Gold & Silver price targets from a major money center bank!!! Woo woo! https://www.marketwatch.com/story/goldman-sachs-now-expects-gold-to-reach-2300-an-ounce-2020-07-28?siteid=yhoof2&yptr=yahoo
[10:43am] rysky007 : no whats going on with it?
[10:33am] alchemytrader22 : rysky didnt see KODK?
[09:36am] rysky007 : TSX.V : FUSE
[09:33am] rysky007 : TSX.V:FUSE
[09:33am] rysky007 : FUSEF moving
[09:02am] rysky007 : good morning
[02:36pm] zilverman77 : Good afternoon everyone!
[02:36pm] zilverman77 : Atomera (ATOM) Mentioned Favorably Yet Again Jeff Farley from Trade in the Zone listed Atomera under his BUY ALERT section today, check it out here: https://app.luminpdf.com/viewer/5f1f19e01cb380001a238407
[12:07pm] Homebrew : OCGN nearing HOD
[11:49am] rysky007 : PPCB
[11:49am] rysky007 : LEAS
[11:49am] rysky007 : BZTG
[11:49am] rysky007 : all moving
[11:48am] rysky007 : HDVY
[11:48am] rysky007 : ONCI
[09:41am] rysky007 : good morning
[09:41am] rysky007 : happy monday
[09:41am] rysky007 : whats moving?
[03:23pm] zilverman77 : ATOM: Cashed Up And Ready To Rally To $25+ Check out this article written by Lou Basenese on Atomera Inc. https://disruptivetr.com/2020/05/13/atom-cashed-up-ready-rally/
[02:59pm] zilverman77 : https://app.luminpdf.com/viewer/5f1b2e67ebc830001a800a2b
[02:59pm] zilverman77 : Good afternoon everyone!
[10:18am] rysky007 : lots of red today right? was maknig sure its not just me lol
[10:03am] shadow1461 : MICT up a little.... among a sea of red
[09:37am] shadow1461 : Friday
[10:01pm] zilverman77 : Atomera Listed as a Top Pick (ATOM) In this video, around the 2 minute mark, Atomera is mentioned as a top pick by Lou Basenese, founder and chief analyst of Disruptive Tech Research. https://video.foxbusiness.com/v/video-embed.html?video_id=6
[01:59pm] zilverman77 : Have a good day everyone!
[09:44am] shadow1461 : TAT
[09:32am] rysky007 : whats moving
[09:32am] rysky007 : good mornig
[09:32am] rysky007 : morning
[02:32pm] rysky007 : nice
[02:22pm] zilverman77 : Hi Ho Silver is Soaring ! https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/silver-soars-and-tech-stocks-rebound-greed-reaches-record-high
[11:53am] alchemytrader22 : 39.00 now
[11:53am] alchemytrader22 : so if you bought 3.22 low in march you just made a 13 bagger??
[11:53am] alchemytrader22 : CZR merger