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    Alerted on: 08/02/21 @ 0.0250
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    Alerted on: 06/07/21 @ 3.5000
  • QKLS +1,108.00%
    Alerted on: 05/11/21 @ 0.2000
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    Alerted on: 04/29/21 @ 0.0015
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    Alerted on: 04/21/21 @ 0.0029
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    Alerted on: 04/19/21 @ 0.0060
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  • buckytrades: hello
  • buckytrades: is this chat still active?
  • tank001: Don't think it is. I was watching and seeing posts disappear. So not sure if they are censoring posts or exactly what is going on.
  • djk: IDEX Earnings Dates, Upcoming and Historical IDEX last reported earnings on March 31, 2021 after the market close (AMC). The company held a conference call for investors at 4:30 PM eastern on the same day. IDEX shares gained +8.2% the day following the earnings announcement to close at 3.16. Following its earnings release, 40 days ago, IDEX stock has drifted -16.5% lower. From the time it announced earnings, IDEX traded in a range between 2.23 and 3.24. The last price (2.64) is closer to the lower end of range. Next IDEX Earnings Date: May 17, 2021. Roth Capital Partners Buy Rating and Price Target of $7 https://www.marketbeat.com/stocks/NASDAQ/IDEX/price-target/
  • krystian22: Hello, I'm new here. Is this chat dead? If so, is there another? Or we can try to bring it back
  • tank001: Sad to say looks like this one is dead. Not even seen the person who owns it in here in over 2 months. There are a few other chats around but can't say them in here as someone did the other week and they got deleted.
  • krystian22: That's unfortunate. Is there any way to private message me those? 🙂
  • bigdog01: anyone home here
  • junebugjoe: oh man, I remember being in this chat with 400+ people in here 11 years ago. Where'd everyone go with their sub penny picks and suggestions? Looking for a good group to follow to find some good opportunity.
  • christifa@yahoo.com: 13947yZtDjQZw.png
  • christifa@yahoo.com: TSLA About to break out 700 range. Bullish...
  • cbate2004: Any winners poised for some nice gains today? Just getting back into the day trading game/arena..
  • cbate2004: Any ideas/ opinions/ tips would be MORE than welcome... And thank you in advance.
  • cbate2004: Even if it's just some symbols with some potential to throw up on my streamer to watch
  • sagarjoshi1760: hello word
  • sagarjoshi1760: 122890nl3jdMQ0.pdf
  • sagarjoshi1760: https://www.industrydataanalytics.com
  • Grizzly: Yo Yo Yo is this thing ON
  • Grizzly: yo yo morning peeps lets rock it today
  • khalefaaloqab: hi
  • khalefaaloqab: good mornig
  • khalefaaloqab: AGYP
  • khalefaaloqab: What do you think of this stock?
  • michaeleanthony: $SOL has $286 million in cash and no debt by the Letter to Shareholders https://finance.yahoo.com/news/know-renesola-sol-rating-upgrade-160004602.html
  • keanuaer: jou - is here any 1 online ? :3
  • jeff3529: lot of peaple think this is just a bunch of peaple on here that dont have what it takes to be the next gordan gekco but let me tell yaw how dumb i was ten yrs ago there was a stock that a few peaple said was in the right position to make a good run but i dont have the money to chance spending a hundred dollars so i didnt and if i would have spent it i would be worth millions , at the time buy price was 0001 and when i gave up watching it , it was worth over 4.00 dollars a share and was still going , so never dismiss anything on here always look at it and dig a little , im poor now because i didnt spend a hundred dollars yrs ago but im happy and money cant buy that. and as far as gorden geiko im not in jail . good luck and i hope no one makes the same mistake i did . its hard to turn loose of money you work so hard for ..... always looking for that lil bit of extra info
  • erickuvykin: 123131LEdGqTIf.png
  • erickuvykin: website: [h[ATHC]].com Corporate Governance: President, CEO, Chairman of the Board: Harry Falkenburg Chief Information Officer: Igor Kogan Director of Business Development: Andrew Roberts Advisory Board Member: Stephanie Wooten Advisory Board Member: Kent M. Swig Advisory Board Member: Gary Levi Advisory Board Member: Wayne M. Greenwald Consultant: Eric Kuvykin Profile: Accelerated Technologies Holding Corporation (OTC PINK:[h[ATHC]]), is a publicly traded FinTech holding company that provides business services for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses (SMB's). [h[ATHC]] a full service end-to-end owns and operates disruptive technologies products in the sectors of artificial intelligence, short-term alternative funding platforms, electronic payment solutions, social engagement, and health, and wellness solutions. Additionally, Accelerated Technologies Holding Corporation is integrating crypto currencies as means of payment. [h[ATHC]] SECURITY DETAILS: Authorized Shares: 400,000 Shares Outstanding: 11,691,924 Shares Restricted: 10,799,476 Shares unrestricted: 892,448 Sector: FinTech Business Services Technology
  • stockguy1969: BORROW FEE RATES ARE 20.07% - 20.56% https://fintel.io/ss/us/GRNQ which indicates that it is more expensive to borrow GRNQ shares to short. 33% OF THE DAILY VOLUME IS HELD IN SHORT POSITIONS Some buying that occurred brought the price from .37 to .49 last week which indicates that on lowish volume this stock can MOVE! This is primed for a SHORT SQUEEZE https://www.shortablestocks.com/?GRNQ SHORT SQUEEZE SCORE IS 100% AND INDICATIONS HERE REFER TO AN UPTREND https://tickeron.com/news/18578683-greenpro-capital-grnq-0-36-rsi-indicator-left-the-oversold-zone-on-may-11-2022?utm_source=stocktwits_free&utm_medium=news&utm_campaign=TA_RSI_14_CROSS_30_BUY&utm_term=Stock_120455_GRNQ&utm_content=9501768 12 MONTH PRICE TARGET IS $8.00 https://marketingsentinel.com/2022/04/16/greenpro-capital-corp-nasdaq-grnq-now-carries-a-12-month-price-target-of-8-00/

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