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  • michaeleanthony: Check out SFET which has no debt and 22 million in cash and big deal last week
  • michaeleanthony: SFET Safe-T's Zero Trust Network Access Solutions Added as an Approved Vendor to NASA's Solution for Enterprise-Wide Procurement Contract Vehicle
  • michaeleanthony: SFET earnings with cash and debt https://finance.yahoo.com/news/safe-t-group-reports-fourth-113000554.html
  • michaeleanthony: Safe-T Group Ltd. provides intelligent data collection and cybersecurity solutions in Israel, the United States, and internationally. Its cybersecurity solutions comprise ZoneZero SDP, a solution based on software defined perimeter and zero trust network access concepts that grant access to applications on a need-to-know basis only; ZoneZero [h[[h[[h[VPN]]]]]], a solution designed on zero trust network access concepts to add zero trust capabilities to existing [h[[h[[h[VPN]]]]]] solutions; ZoneZero MFA, a solution designed to add centralized multi-factor authentication capabilities for various types of internal applications; and Secure File Access that reduces insider threats by transforming standard network drives into secure, encrypted, and access-controlled drives, as well as eliminates the need to rely on insecure file permissions and vulnerable server message broker. The company also provides IP Proxy Network (IPPN) solutions consisting of static and dynamic residential proxy network cloud services, data center proxy network cloud services, and data collection API cloud services; Proxy-in-a-Box, which is an on-premise solution of private proxy access network for customers who wish to deploy and maintain their own proxy network; Consumer [h[[h[[h[VPN]]]]]] application, an application and a network of [h[[h[[h[VPN]]]]]] servers that allows users to access the internet securely; and Premium dedicated static residential proxies, a solution that creates a dedicated static IP for each user. It offers its products through distributors, resellers, integrators, and original equipment manufacturers. The company serves finance, healthcare, and retail sectors; and government agencies, commercial and online companies, and educational institutions. Safe-T Group Ltd. was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Herzliya, Israel.
  • michaeleanthony: NAKD all SEC Filing that show 3 funds bought shares in the company https://ir.nakedbrands.com/all-sec-filings
  • michaeleanthony: NAKD News from last Friday and should start to a turn to the upside with all this cash and no debt https://finance.yahoo.com/news/naked-brand-group-provides-business-123100415.html
  • shadow1461: Howdy
  • shadow1461: :sunglasses:
  • shadow1461: Hmmmmm.....sumting wrong here....I see no activity.... help!!!
  • phlak: Been a long time since I stopped in, glad to see this place is still up!
  • Homebrew: PIXY ? Think will test HOD $4.05,, current 3.23 , support 3.19 holding, should be good,, dwn 4% likely strong bounce coming up...... that's my 2 cents for now....
  • buckytrades: hello
  • buckytrades: is this chat still active?
  • tank001: Don't think it is. I was watching and seeing posts disappear. So not sure if they are censoring posts or exactly what is going on.
  • djk: IDEX Earnings Dates, Upcoming and Historical IDEX last reported earnings on March 31, 2021 after the market close (AMC). The company held a conference call for investors at 4:30 PM eastern on the same day. IDEX shares gained +8.2% the day following the earnings announcement to close at 3.16. Following its earnings release, 40 days ago, IDEX stock has drifted -16.5% lower. From the time it announced earnings, IDEX traded in a range between 2.23 and 3.24. The last price (2.64) is closer to the lower end of range. Next IDEX Earnings Date: May 17, 2021. Roth Capital Partners Buy Rating and Price Target of $7 https://www.marketbeat.com/stocks/NASDAQ/IDEX/price-target/
  • krystian22: Hello, I'm new here. Is this chat dead? If so, is there another? Or we can try to bring it back
  • tank001: Sad to say looks like this one is dead. Not even seen the person who owns it in here in over 2 months. There are a few other chats around but can't say them in here as someone did the other week and they got deleted.
  • krystian22: That's unfortunate. Is there any way to private message me those? 🙂
  • bigdog01: anyone home here
  • junebugjoe: oh man, I remember being in this chat with 400+ people in here 11 years ago. Where'd everyone go with their sub penny picks and suggestions? Looking for a good group to follow to find some good opportunity.
  • christifa@yahoo.com: 13947yZtDjQZw.png
  • christifa@yahoo.com: TSLA About to break out 700 range. Bullish...
  • cbate2004: Any winners poised for some nice gains today? Just getting back into the day trading game/arena..
  • cbate2004: Any ideas/ opinions/ tips would be MORE than welcome... And thank you in advance.
  • cbate2004: Even if it's just some symbols with some potential to throw up on my streamer to watch
  • sagarjoshi1760: hello word
  • sagarjoshi1760: 122890nl3jdMQ0.pdf
  • sagarjoshi1760: https://www.industrydataanalytics.com
  • Grizzly: Yo Yo Yo is this thing ON
  • Grizzly: yo yo morning peeps lets rock it today

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