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  • SUNW +493.00%
    Alerted on: 09/23/20 @ 0.7700
  • CHNC +175.00%
    Alerted on: 09/21/20 @ 0.0004
  • MSSV +594.00%
    Alerted on: 09/18/20 @ 0.0121
  • BANT +423.00%
    Alerted on: 08/27/20 @ 0.0038
  • RBII +278.00%
    Alerted on: 08/20/20 @ 0.0113
  • PSRU +110.00%
    Alerted on: 08/03/20 @ 0.0850
  • SYPR +165.00%
    Alerted on: 07/28/20 @ 0.8100
  • VYON +284.00%
    Alerted on: 07/15/20 @ 0.0013
  • TSOI +215.00%
    Alerted on: 06/12/20 @ 0.0060
  • INTEQ +155.00%
    Alerted on: 05/27/20 @ 0.2000
  • Nullan : QQQ: Near low. No position. Tech heavy index.
  • Nullan : PCH: should benefit from lumber prices. Their report in in a month.
  • Nullan : Lumber is lock limit up today.
  • Nullan : CRSR: another new issue.
  • Nullan : GDRX: New issue.
  • Nullan : When cows stampede, the farmer can only wait until they get tired.
  • Nullan : SPI: halted. Was the most active on my screener.
  • Nullan : SPI: re-opened. A wild mouse!
  • Nullan : SPI: halted again.
  • Nullan : SPI: That was at $41. Indicated around 30. Yikes.
  • Nullan : SPI: was a $1+ stock. No, I am not chasing it.
  • Nullan : Trickery is 1 thing. cheating is another.
  • Nullan : All my positions are red in both my risk & IRA accounts. Happens.
  • Nullan : The trading rules have been around a long time. And they apply to smaller markets, too. Nothing new has come down the pipe for a while.
  • rysky007 : have a feeling tomorrow will be a better day
  • Nullan : Good morning. Looks like another wild one, today.
  • Nullan : SUNW: halted, volatility.
  • Nullan : TSHA: New issue.
  • Nullan : Gold futures: hi of day, +$6.25.
  • Nullan : Choppy and sideways is a trend. But not one I want to trade in.
  • Nullan : miss a few days.
  • rysky007 : how is it going today?
  • Nullan : SPY: Near hi of day, +$1.44.
  • Nullan : GRAY: New issue.
  • rysky007 : why is lumber so unstable lately?
  • Nullan : The fires on the west coast. No rain in sight.
  • rysky007 : that bad hu
  • Nullan : Thre is some rain moving east from Portland, Oregon. Should help some.
  • Nullan : SPY: Chart looks like a buying stampede.
  • Nullan : Maybe Oprah is the Supreme Court nominee. (Just a wild guess.)

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