Ticker Alerted Price Gain
GTHR 08/02/21 0.0250 600%
ALF 06/07/21 3.5000 365%
QKLS 05/11/21 0.2000 1108%
SPQS 04/29/21 0.0015 159%
BLSP 04/21/21 0.0029 110%
PROP 04/19/21 0.0060 650%
MEIL 04/04/21 0.3100 207%
HLUN 04/01/21 0.0015 163%
WOWI 03/30/21 0.0200 900%
GYST 03/29/21 0.0200 396%

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Top Active Stocks

Ticker Open Last Gain
LBRDB 51.2500 51.2500 0.00%
BATRB 50.0000 50.0000 0.00%
FWONB 63.9600 63.9600 0.00%
GBTC 57.4700 57.3300 -0.24%