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  • HLUN +163.00%
    Alerted on: 04/01/21 @ 0.0015
  • WOWI +900.00%
    Alerted on: 03/30/21 @ 0.0200
  • GYST +396.00%
    Alerted on: 03/29/21 @ 0.0200
  • SEVA +308.00%
    Alerted on: 03/25/21 @ 0.0065
  • DLPX +461.00%
    Alerted on: 02/19/21 @ 0.0390
  • SPONF +135.00%
    Alerted on: 02/16/21 @ 0.0170
  • TMGI +362.00%
    Alerted on: 01/28/21 @ 0.0008
  • TWOH +87.00%
    Alerted on: 12/14/20 @ 0.0054
  • ARCS +1,230.00%
    Alerted on: 12/09/20 @ 0.0012
  • RSCF +242.00%
    Alerted on: 12/02/20 @ 0.2400
  • azman87: Any thoughts on ABML and idex?
  • chaslol: hcmc
  • rodneyisback: this thing on?
  • PEKIC007: hey is anyone on?
  • onewood: :hushed:
  • it_all_adds_up: some cannabis pennys on the move ,, GRLF,,
  • it_all_adds_up: HESG,, DSCR,, WDHR,,, LATF,,, FBCD,,
  • everyone: XIN, AUY, ERF, HIHO, GORO are all looking good to me
  • rysky007: good morning
  • Boston of MIA: sup 007 fam?
  • Boston of MIA: been holding some .0001 NSPT in a forgot about account for like a decade.... hahahaha.... .0009 now
  • redwood: hello
  • redwood: Knock knock....
  • edagahamus: hello
  • Oneputtkip: like Boston of MIA, beenholding USNL in forgotten Acctfor a couple of years at .0001 and just this week has seen nice recovery
  • Oneputtkip: Oneputtkip access
  • bulldawgcfp: hello everyone
  • bulldawgcfp: what about WDLF for Cannabis stocks as well.
  • Oneputtkip: Anybody home? Not seeing much activity on the chat lately.
  • newlifetrader: hello good morning
  • mikeanthony: Hello
  • Grizzly: Who all is still in this chat.. Hows trading been for everyone
  • Grizzly: :upside_down:
  • Boston of MIA: morning
  • traderearl: no sure what chat engine this is, but not very good. I am sure there is better plugins for your wordpress then this. Still see the same old bots.
  • khalefa: Hello, I am a new friend with you
  • maestro43: Anyone have a take on EV maker ElectraMeccanica ([h[SOLO]])? Seems the pandemic taught people that they can't afford expensive vehicles let alone the gas in them so there might be a move toward electric vehicles. But Teslas are above most newly adjusted budgets. Is [h[SOLO]] at a good enough entry point at $5.50/share?
  • cjs019: does anyone have any thoughts on MOMO
  • PEKIC007: Is Rysky007 still running this chat?
  • mello67: Hi

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4. maestro43
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7. traderearl
8. Grizzly
9. mikeanthony
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MOMO 15.7900 15.8000 0.06%
SOLO 4.8000 4.7400 -1.25%
WDLF 0.0179 0.0162 -9.50%
XIN 2.7900 2.7800 -0.36%
ABML 1.4700 1.5000 2.04%
CSLI 0.0280 0.0298 6.43%
SNGX 1.5200 1.5100 -0.66%
GTEH 0.0018 0.0019 5.56%
MRMD 0.7300 0.7200 -1.37%
INVU 0.5770 0.4947 -14.26%