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    • TSOI +215.00%
      Alerted on: 06/12/20 @ 0.0060
    • INTEQ +155.00%
      Alerted on: 05/27/20 @ 0.2000
    • PCYS +900.00%
      Alerted on: 05/26/20 @ 0.0010
    • BEGI +340.00%
      Alerted on: 05/21/20 @ 0.0270
    • CTXR +27.00%
      Alerted on: 04/28/20 @ 1.0200
    • PLIN +175.00%
      Alerted on: 03/25/20 @ 1.4400
    • USAU +264.00%
      Alerted on: 03/24/20 @ 3.5200
    • BWTX +500.00%
      Alerted on: 03/18/20 @ 0.0180
    • VBIX +471.00%
      Alerted on: 03/12/20 @ 0.0350
    • AYTU +120.00%
      Alerted on: 03/10/20 @ 1.3000
    • blazer411 : frinz, moneyman, Relivo, supertrader, and trademonster are bots, they all joined at the exact same time and their status never changes. Those are bots
    • traderearl : No one see PSV?
    • Boston of MIA >rysky007 : yo yo yo
    • Boston of MIA : yo...anyone have a cell # for rysky or able to get a hold of him ASAP?
    • Boston of MIA : im talking to the DOGE tik tok kid right now and want rysky to talk to him
    • rysky007 : Doge coin?
    • Boston of MIA : https://cointelegraph.com/news/doge-tik-tok-pump-likely-over-okccoin-cmo-says
    • Boston of MIA : https://www.forbes.com/sites/billybambrough/2020/07/09/lets-all-get-rich-teen-tiktok-traders-want-to-send-joke-bitcoin-rival-dogecoin-to-the-moon/#491c35296b7a
    • rysky007 : that play is over, question is what will be the next one
    • rysky007 : you want him to post a video calling it game over so you can short it?
    • Boston of MIA : yeeeuuuuuppppppp
    • rysky007 : you do it on binance?
    • rysky007 : never shorted a crypto
    • Boston of MIA : binanace.com not binace.us
    • Boston of MIA : u need to use vpn
    • Boston of MIA : short AND 20-75x leverage available
    • Boston of MIA : i just flipped $1,500 into $8,600 on cardano using 10x lev
    • rysky007 : can you do some screen shots to show me how you place the order in?
    • rysky007 : same log in on .com vs .us?
    • Boston of MIA : no... u need to make seperate account on .com
    • Boston of MIA : here... use my ref if u dont mind
    • Boston of MIA : https://www.binance.com/en/register?ref=TO362SPE
    • rysky007 : bring some crypto traders in here, we can make a private room
    • rysky007 : kk
    • Boston of MIA : you use telegram?
    • rysky007 : no
    • rysky007 : good morning
    • shadow1461 : good morning.... slept in this am.... gonna be a short day.... birthday, doncha know... LQWC doing sumpin sumpin
    • rysky007 : LQWC on watch
    • rysky007 : happy Birthday

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