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    • MSSV +594.00%
      Alerted on: 09/18/20 @ 0.0121
    • BANT +423.00%
      Alerted on: 08/27/20 @ 0.0038
    • RBII +278.00%
      Alerted on: 08/20/20 @ 0.0113
    • PSRU +110.00%
      Alerted on: 08/03/20 @ 0.0850
    • SYPR +165.00%
      Alerted on: 07/28/20 @ 0.8100
    • VYON +284.00%
      Alerted on: 07/15/20 @ 0.0013
    • TSOI +215.00%
      Alerted on: 06/12/20 @ 0.0060
    • INTEQ +155.00%
      Alerted on: 05/27/20 @ 0.2000
    • PCYS +900.00%
      Alerted on: 05/26/20 @ 0.0010
    • BEGI +340.00%
      Alerted on: 05/21/20 @ 0.0270
    • Nullan : PLOW: If you think we are going to have lots of snow this winter, PLOW is your stock. They make snowplows.
    • Nullan : XLE: +4%. About in line with crude & Brent.
    • Nullan : Where is all this $$ coming from? Bonds are being called away. The issuer can float new bonds at a lower coupon. Not everybody goes along with that. Plus margin is cheap. :0
    • Nullan : ITRN: This was once a great stock to own. Unless someone buys them out, the future is not bright.
    • Nullan : ITRN: I bot a new car some years ago, and had their device attached. The car was stolen, and recovered in a field in kess than 24 hours. But the car was stripped, but it might not have been found in a month without it.
    • Nullan : XLE: +5%. Still in line with crude futures.
    • Nullan : Powell: He talks too much.
    • Nullan : XLE: Turns down on all this talking. Crude futures remain firm.
    • Nullan : Corn futures: +1.8%. (+$6.62.) Hi of day.
    • Nullan : 24 inches of rain at Pensacola!
    • shadow1461 : Grand daughter is there.... safe but no power
    • Nullan : https://www.southerncompany.com/newsroom/2020/sept-2020/restoration-after-hurricane-sally.html
    • Nullan : Gold & silver: weak. -1.5% & -3.7%.
    • rysky007 : how are things looking this morning?
    • rysky007 : hey guys
    • Nullan : Recovering from early selling pressure.
    • Nullan : WLK: +2%. Storms could add to sales of their inflastucture products. Located in Houston.
    • Nullan : QQQ: weak tech stocks. -2%
    • Nullan : Looks like a small loss today. Back in morn.
    • Nullan : SPY: hi of day, +$1.46.
    • Nullan : Rain on the east coast is likely to be bigger news than the market today.
    • Nullan : SPY: Airpocket.
    • Nullan : Gold futures: +$7.30, and moving up.
    • Nullan : VTRU: New issue.
    • Nullan : ADM: new 52 week high.
    • Nullan : Lumber futures: down lock limit, -3%.
    • Nullan : WM: Spikes up, +0.4%. No position. Just looks impressive on a chart.
    • Nullan : SPY: Low of day, -1% or -$3.30.
    • Nullan : Selloff gains momentum.
    • Nullan : NYSE has warned of a $4B of market on close sell orders. (These can be cancelled b4 then, but not added.)

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