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[10:49pm] august1991 : INPX Inpixon Files 8K - Changes To Hldr Rights INPX 5:07 PM ET 2/16/18 | Dow Jones
[09:01pm] Blackjack : monday??
[09:01pm] Blackjack : really??
[09:01pm] Imagine : likewise,,, another nice week coming hopefully
[09:00pm] Blackjack : see yall on monday
[08:54pm] Imagine : ty
[08:54pm] rysky007 : good catch
[08:49pm] Imagine : being loaded
[08:49pm] Imagine : AQMS RXMD something up
[08:47pm] i_like_bb_stock : FRFS 07 setting up for a nice close
[08:26pm] Imagine : he must think he was kennedy and clinton lol hey player!
[08:18pm] Blackjack : jeez
[08:17pm] Imagine : pic{1518812356247.jpg}
[08:08pm] Imagine : 1st one is a talented female ;)
[08:07pm] Blackjack : ya
[08:07pm] Imagine : or bootygate trying to keep it clean here so not going any furthur
[08:06pm] Blackjack : guess it will be called boobgate??
[08:05pm] Blackjack : yeah
[08:05pm] Imagine : get all the booty money can buy
[08:04pm] Imagine : yep saw that
[08:01pm] Blackjack :
[07:47pm] Imagine : crappy day oh well gave me time to get some chores done
[07:07pm] Imagine : (yawn) tell us something new
[07:06pm] smoots : None of that matters, at all. He that controls the money, controls the World!
[06:58pm] Imagine :
[06:20pm] Imagine : mid-day ph coming up 1:30-2:10
[06:19pm] i_like_bb_stock : GBHL 007 nHOD
[06:15pm] i_like_bb_stock : NTLK looking perky here over 04
[06:05pm] i_like_bb_stock : GBHL 65s are up nice accumulation
[06:01pm] Imagine : lil friday golden rock 4 ya
[06:00pm] Imagine : :)
[05:44pm] smoots : HTBX had 1-for-10 R/S on 1-19-18 DURHAM, NC – January 30, 2018 Heat Biologics, Inc. (Nasdaq: HTBX), a biopharmaceutical company developing drugs designed to activate a patient’s immune system against cancer, is hosting an analys
[05:37pm] Imagine : TVIX dip coming down to my wheel house to buy SVXY reacting positive for selling ,,,,almost
[05:35pm] tradeking : could get nice little pop if good
[05:35pm] tradeking : yea expecting nanoflu phase 1/2 news in feb
[05:33pm] Imagine : NVAX been good all day,,,had some action yest too
[05:33pm] i_like_bb_stock : APRU 37s up its starting to get some moves
[05:30pm] tradeking : NVAX nhod
[05:28pm] Imagine : CELZ dippage FIEC ask lowered to sucker you in
[05:21pm] i_like_bb_stock : FRFS dip is over
[05:20pm] Imagine : TVIX cmon down baby
[05:19pm] smoots : unless you were Goldman Sachs,, lol
[05:18pm] Imagine : FIEC would not buy with your money
[05:17pm] Imagine : CELZ b/a tightening up
[05:12pm] Imagine : lil scary
[05:11pm] Imagine : FIEC wtf and holy crap
[05:08pm] Imagine : ICLD holding up well
[05:08pm] Imagine : CELZ anybody
[05:08pm] Imagine : back
[04:21pm] i_like_bb_stock : NTLK turning back up here 04breaking
[04:00pm] i_like_bb_stock : FRFS bout to clear .10 here accumulation continues
[03:57pm] i_like_bb_stock : FVRD added 11 on the sip dang impatience idiots
[03:32pm] Imagine : Ally another joke 1 day fee is 3.99 next week its 4.95 I mean really
[03:31pm] Imagine : cutesy name platforms not all that,,,if you serious about makin $$ why bother with em
[03:29pm] smoots : damit missed FRFS
[03:28pm] Bennylati : Robinhood doesnt support a lot of volitile penny stocks
[03:28pm] Imagine : huh
[03:26pm] Bennylati : Sucks, I still use robinhood for the freetrades but i dont have access selling these stocks
[03:26pm] i_like_bb_stock : FRFS new 52 week high breaking out much more coming float is gone and official CUSIP/Name change is in ISIN now
[03:25pm] Bennylati : Thanks
[03:23pm] Imagine : HMNY IMO too much drama re` being bought out etc with nothing ever happening prolly be good buy around 3.50 for scalping
[03:20pm] i_like_bb_stock : FRFS this is concrete evidence new CUSUP and name change is coming absolutely huge
[03:17pm] Imagine : ICLD from late yest just juicy
[03:16pm] i_like_bb_stock : FRFS wow huge GIFA is now in the ISIN system huge
[03:00pm] i_like_bb_stock : FRFS over 04 nice
[02:51pm] i_like_bb_stock : Wow PDXP CHIT VICT all suspended
[02:33pm] i_like_bb_stock : NTLK huge lawsuit now behind them and they dont have to pay 3M dollars or give up 44M shares was almost .20 when the lawsuit occurred no reason it cant work its way up
[02:32pm] smoots : INNO moving up
[02:27pm] Imagine : ready? its friday
[01:06pm] i_like_bb_stock : Good morning
[09:06pm] Imagine : not a bad day,,,,out!
[09:02pm] smoots : ^v> tamali
[08:59pm] Imagine : ICLD
[08:56pm] i_like_bb_stock : NTLK working its way back towards green some house cleaning today
[08:56pm] Imagine : ICLD on a mission
[08:44pm] i_like_bb_stock : LRDR breaking 004 give us that custodianship and we zoom zoom zoom
[08:24pm] Imagine : ICLD
[08:07pm] i_like_bb_stock : FVRD 013 nHOD
[08:04pm] august1991 : movin again
[08:04pm] august1991 : halted
[08:01pm] august1991 : HOD
[08:00pm] august1991 : INPX...MOVIN...
[07:57pm] Imagine : finally a Repub with balls!!!! >>>>The Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee says he has launched an investigation into the White House’s decision to keep staff secretary Rob Porter in his job for months after the Wes
[07:34pm] i_like_bb_stock : LRDR 004 nHOD ask is super thin now get that custodianship and penny land is probable
[07:26pm] Imagine : grandma saved some lives
[07:25pm] Imagine : ICLD some action
[07:25pm] rysky007 : wow
[07:21pm] Imagine :
[07:11pm] Imagine : SFOR told y`all several days ago when it was in .007z about the .012 run
[07:04pm] i_like_bb_stock : FVRD I continue to remember this: Noteholder extinguished 580K in debt for 5M restricted shares, which amounts to 11.8 cents to breakeven
[06:23pm] i_like_bb_stock : FVRD too cheap grabbed a few down here to add to my existing stash has to be close to going live worth the risk when that happens it will go wild
[05:52pm] i_like_bb_stock : FRFS ready for 04 break nice accumulation
[05:42pm] Imagine : stay tuned don`t touch that dial
[05:41pm] Imagine : CNET is bout ready to set n/hod
[05:38pm] smoots : mindnumbingly staggering....
[05:37pm] Bennylati : How is CNET doing
[05:10pm] i_like_bb_stock : GBHL 006s are up looking good
[04:42pm] smoots :
[04:40pm] Imagine : too much FB,twitter etc
[04:39pm] Imagine : parents
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