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[07:54pm] racoonracoon : ALPP beast mode
[06:51pm] Homebrew : list looks good. doing some quick DD / Chart
[05:45pm] racoonracoon : EMBR for nrxt week??
[05:45pm] racoonracoon : HMLA moving a bit
[05:24pm] racoonracoon : SNNA RMSL ALPP ^^
[05:21pm] racoonracoon : watching for next week GCEI DAVC TCEL GCGX TRDX
[05:02pm] Homebrew : $BNGO trying another hod ,,,looks like soon
[04:39pm] Homebrew : BNGO Going Up again..Volume
[03:42pm] Homebrew : 10% gain, now 8% Gain, From here back to Green....Was what I meant..not sure what I typed...8% gain whenit goes green fro m here
[03:35pm] Homebrew : HEPA might be getting readi to make good move off LOD, Support. Dmn 9% and rising.....10% Gain. I just bought back to Green
[02:12pm] pulkitsaini : thanks have a good weekend
[02:12pm] giorosas : I use Ameritrade
[02:12pm] giorosas : have a good weekend
[02:12pm] pulkitsaini >14074 : which broker do you use
[02:11pm] Homebrew : Have good weekend!
[02:11pm] giorosas : For me is enough , 2 runs (BNGO, ATIS), thanks see you tomorrow
[02:09pm] pulkitsaini : So which one should I use guys because I dont wanna miss the next alert.
[02:05pm] giorosas : I use Ameritrade but suffering because Trade Architect will not available starting from next month, now i am using ThinkOrSwing but during pre-market is horrible because is not having %change for instance
[02:04pm] pulkitsaini : Which broker did you guys used to buy SNWR
[02:04pm] rysky007 : odd
[02:03pm] giorosas : ATIS 2,58 out nice profit
[02:03pm] pulkitsaini : They said you cant buy it because of some cease order against that company
[02:03pm] rysky007 : questtrade wont let you trade it?
[02:03pm] pulkitsaini : So which one should I buy
[02:02pm] pulkitsaini : I live in Canada
[02:01pm] pulkitsaini : QUESTRADE
[02:01pm] rysky007 : should be
[02:01pm] rysky007 : what broker are you using?
[01:59pm] pulkitsaini : Even SNWR
[01:58pm] rysky007 : they should have just about every stock
[01:58pm] rysky007 : Interactive Brokers
[01:58pm] pulkitsaini : Which broker should I use please help in future.
[01:58pm] pulkitsaini : I live in Canada
[01:54pm] giorosas : ATIS in 2,35
[01:52pm] giorosas : BNGO 2.26 wow
[01:51pm] pulkitsaini : Hey guys, I am with questrade and I cant buy SNWR
[01:49pm] giorosas : LOL
[01:48pm] giorosas : BNGO out 2.02
[01:43pm] giorosas : ATIS doing well
[01:38pm] rysky007 : SNWR is our Mega Friday Alert
[01:38pm] rysky007 : SNWR is our Mega Friday Alert
[01:38pm] rysky007 : SNWR is our Mega Friday Alert
[01:38pm] rysky007 : SNWR is our Mega Friday Alert
[01:38pm] rysky007 : SNWR is our Mega Friday Alert
[01:38pm] rysky007 : SNWR is our Mega Friday Alert
[01:38pm] rysky007 : some one released early
[01:35pm] Homebrew : oh, I see the clock now,,,,nice!
[01:35pm] Homebrew : BNGO Going...
[01:34pm] giorosas : bngo in 1.85
[01:30pm] rysky007 : EMBR and HMNY holding the top gain from open so far
[01:30pm] rysky007 : lots of movors pre market
[01:30pm] rysky007 : good morning
[01:29pm] Nickie63 >63 : good morning
[01:29pm] giorosas : Watching BNGO, RUHN, ATIS, CLIR, MNK, NVTR, TRXC, CHEK, GLAC
[01:29pm] pulkitsaini : right
[01:28pm] rysky007 : never sat watching a box for 15 min to before alert, this will be interesting :)
[01:28pm] rysky007 : at 9:45am Est
[01:28pm] giorosas : good morning
[01:27pm] pulkitsaini : 17 min
[01:27pm] Homebrew : when is next alert?
[01:27pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, Everyone. Happy Friday.
[01:26pm] pulkitsaini : waiting for the next mega alert :)
[01:26pm] rysky007 : good morning
[01:24pm] pulkitsaini : Morning everyone
[01:09pm] EDekin : clir premarket
[06:55pm] Homebrew : HEPA
[06:54pm] Homebrew : and back down again....guess it will head up again now.. Yo Yo stock
[05:48pm] Homebrew : and UP again...Rollar coaster
[05:26pm] Homebrew : and deflate again....Playing the swings seems to work
[04:57pm] Homebrew : HEPA Boom
[04:18pm] pulkitsaini : HEPA
[04:18pm] pulkitsaini : below 4
[04:15pm] Homebrew : Now HEPA looks tempting on pull back before Lunch buyers show up
[04:01pm] Homebrew : Thinking about Buying HEPA if it breaks above 4.20 range ..Lunch buyers will drive higher , high volume, news, high gain, and Pharmaceutcal
[03:57pm] giorosas : thanks see you tomorrow
[03:57pm] giorosas : everything green, nice profit today, over-trading a little but is ok
[03:55pm] giorosas : from 4
[03:55pm] giorosas : HEPA out 4.25
[03:51pm] giorosas : from 8.9 LOL at least zero profit
[03:51pm] giorosas : CRON out 8.94
[03:36pm] Homebrew : dang I misse dit PLX
[03:35pm] giorosas : PLX exploting finally LOL never wait
[03:33pm] giorosas : PLX from 0.3001
[03:32pm] giorosas : PLX out 0.3137
[03:29pm] giorosas : HEPA in 3,83
[03:20pm] giorosas : PLX in 0.2864
[03:18pm] giorosas : HEPA in 4.15
[03:07pm] pulkitsaini : off for a smoke brb
[03:07pm] pulkitsaini : :)
[03:06pm] giorosas : i will wait for a little bit, thanks pulk
[03:05pm] pulkitsaini : CRON should go up I will say just wait for a little bit.
[03:04pm] giorosas : perfect I am awaiting CRON 8.9 for zero profit and PLX 0.36
[03:03pm] pulkitsaini : I am out with all positions right now. I am going for a smoke break :D
[03:02pm] giorosas : yeah in PLX 0.313
[03:01pm] pulkitsaini : are you in
[03:01pm] pulkitsaini : with PLX
[03:01pm] giorosas : awaiting PLX explotion but nothing
[02:58pm] pulkitsaini : it should
[02:56pm] giorosas : lets see for me CRON can go back 9.4 at least
[02:52pm] pulkitsaini : its moving a lot maybe a limit price it will sell automatically
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