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[09:19pm] smoots : ^v> cya tamali
[09:03pm] whirl : some nice movers today, wishing everyone a great night
[08:39pm] whirl : CBDS next leg up, goign to close at highs it seems, day 1 of break
[08:29pm] smoots : DXTR files bankruptcy ,,, 17.3 M buyout offer from Aesculap
[08:12pm] smoots : 10.9 M shares traded gittiner done
[08:10pm] whirl : nice parabolic buying
[08:06pm] whirl : CANN going to break $5
[08:05pm] Optimus Prime : TRON was lookn to join the copper club -- got turned away this time ..... next time at the door they may allow her in ?
[08:04pm] Day Trader : see you tomorrow...
[07:49pm] Optimus Prime : SNMN news out @ 11:46 a.m. ---- makn noise now
[07:41pm] RockinTop : sure did!
[07:40pm] Optimus Prime : fire broke out under TRON azzzzzzzzz
[07:37pm] Optimus Prime : just got a up tic to .0009
[07:36pm] Optimus Prime : trip0 guard dog is knda barking up a storm today = GRDO
[07:30pm] whirl : staying away from GBLX had a ncie run
[07:17pm] whirl : CANN at $5 wall, can it break it before eod?
[06:58pm] Imagine : see you guys later
[06:58pm] RockinTop : take care
[06:56pm] whirl : SWRM dip opportunity at here
[06:55pm] Optimus Prime : INUV up tic to begin battle w/50 ma @ .87
[06:54pm] Imagine : CANN makin a move again
[06:51pm] Optimus Prime : FZRO nhod
[06:48pm] Optimus Prime : ESNC startn to react to early news this a.m. w/activity increasing and a nhod
[06:47pm] Imagine : all good
[06:45pm] RockinTop : Im hanging (married, lol) on becasue of the IND portfolio....and their new approach to beating cancer
[06:42pm] Imagine : i`m cool
[06:42pm] RockinTop : it gets shorted alot too I think
[06:41pm] RockinTop : it alwasy seems to go on sale right before news
[06:40pm] Optimus Prime : SWRM testing ..... again
[06:35pm] Imagine : MBRX
[06:35pm] Imagine : MRX 1st day red since bought it,,,gotta hang for rockin
[06:32pm] Optimus Prime : FZRO testing
[06:29pm] Optimus Prime : INUV added to the $1 list/break of possibilities .
[06:26pm] Optimus Prime : ^^^^^^^^ thats what happens when ya step away for a few ....
[06:26pm] Optimus Prime : WTF ? when did this MCTC happen ????? lol
[06:00pm] RockinTop : LMAO
[06:00pm] Day Trader : :D
[05:59pm] Optimus Prime : lol
[05:59pm] Imagine : day trader has risen from the dead
[05:57pm] Day Trader : CXCQ: About CARDXX Inc Cardxx, Inc. manufactures contacted and contactless smartcards utilizing a process that securely encapsulates an integrated circuit within a plastic card. The Company supplies and licenses its proprietary technology to cur
[05:54pm] Optimus Prime : what is this CXCQ ?
[05:46pm] Imagine : been a long time coming but the reality looms
[05:45pm] whirl : yea this consoldiation is healthy
[05:44pm] Imagine : CBDS with more $$ in imo can almost double going forward
[05:43pm] Imagine : 5$ cometh
[05:42pm] whirl : CANN new hod
[05:38pm] whirl : that has a nice chart
[05:37pm] Imagine : NXTTF tryin like heck for that 1$ too
[05:36pm] Optimus Prime : mj ticker ATTBF doing the same
[05:35pm] Optimus Prime : DIGAF reaching out
[05:27pm] smoots : ty
[05:15pm] RockinTop : TRON
[05:15pm] Optimus Prime : Bam FZRO
[05:15pm] Optimus Prime : and that would be a Yes on ENDP
[05:14pm] Optimus Prime : Smoots ... sorry man ,, didnt see your Q until just now when I was scrolling back to see what time I posted ONCI and TRON
[05:14pm] RockinTop : I did ;)
[05:10pm] Imagine : SOUPQ getting that campbells attitude,,,low vol ready to get slurpy
[05:05pm] Imagine : MARA bam
[04:59pm] Optimus Prime : sumpn up with MJTK
[04:32pm] Optimus Prime : .065
[04:32pm] whirl : yea DCTH trying to create that bottom formation has a lot of room to run if it turns around
[04:26pm] Optimus Prime : and who is makn noise again for a break ???? DCTH thats who
[04:19pm] Optimus Prime : AMMJ stretching out for a possible $1 and maybe more
[04:18pm] august1991 : GRCK...nice lil come back from dip..
[04:15pm] smoots : TIK coiling in the bolli tube
[04:10pm] silver_hawk4 : My BSTN is well in the green, so gonna let it run and see how close to 15-20 it can get...
[04:08pm] Optimus Prime : UAHC startn to look like a nice set up here @ .36 along w/poppn its head out of that tight channel @ .37 to have a look around..
[04:05pm] silver_hawk4 : CVO has some pops in store
[04:04pm] whirl : SWRM new hod
[04:04pm] Imagine : UGAZ under 6
[04:01pm] whirl : yea pennys picking up as the weather gets colder
[04:00pm] silver_hawk4 : there are some nice setups out there... BLTA , DPWW
[03:57pm] whirl : looking for good plays ;)
[03:57pm] Imagine >4417 : it rarely runs but when it does tends to be good
[03:56pm] silver_hawk4 : Hey Whirl What you up to?
[03:56pm] whirl : hi silver
[03:56pm] silver_hawk4 >126 : Hey Broham. Glad someone else made some green with me on that one
[03:54pm] silver_hawk4 : Looking at BLTA now tho
[03:54pm] silver_hawk4 : Made some good cash on GEQU last time i was on here. :)
[03:53pm] silver_hawk4 : Hey Guys
[03:52pm] Optimus Prime : ONCI and TRON tappn away again today ... they was tappn a few days ago ad today the tappn increasing ... maybe time again for these 2 .
[03:52pm] Imagine : XNET continues to reward lil bouncy bouncy
[03:50pm] Imagine : GEQU ain`t gonna say it again
[03:49pm] smoots : OP ,, is that a correct 20/50 cross on ENDP
[03:48pm] RockinTop : tap tap...who turned off the sound in here?
[03:37pm] Optimus Prime : IBIO tappn an tappn maybe lookn for higher ground
[03:35pm] Imagine : GEQU again
[03:34pm] Imagine : CBDS nice n thin
[03:33pm] smoots : UBIA MGTI nhods
[03:32pm] whirl : CBDS breaking up nicely on that 4.20s break
[03:31pm] whirl : nice find OP
[03:31pm] blondeshavemorefun : I will buy another 1000 shares every .25 drop UGAZ
[03:30pm] Optimus Prime : Whirl ...yup yup SWRM
[03:29pm] Imagine : buying over 6 and adding fees not a good move imo
[03:29pm] whirl : OP SWRM goign
[03:29pm] RockinTop : agreed
[03:29pm] Imagine : avg down calc up top of screen for assistance
[03:28pm] Imagine : avg down only really effective at min cost under 6$ imo
[03:27pm] blondeshavemorefun : I am going to buy as it drops
[03:27pm] whirl : hope it bounces OP
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