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[07:38pm] viper48 : ?
[06:20pm] Optimus Prime : NXTTF new high prints now
[06:16pm] Optimus Prime : its this ticker = new highs = [06:38:16] Optimus Prime: [h[GTBP]] off news
[06:16pm] Blackjack : CNNA .002
[06:15pm] Optimus Prime : oh crap... worng ticker ,,,,disregard
[06:14pm] Optimus Prime : anutter
[06:14pm] Optimus Prime : new high -prints
[06:14pm] Optimus Prime : Numaste for the next hod challenge = NXTTF
[06:10pm] Blackjack : TPNI .0014
[04:21pm] racoonracoon : PLPL not sales today... looks like accumulation. a lot of people watching this one
[04:03pm] rysky007 : seeing PLPL run and TPNI, some good ol ones
[04:02pm] rysky007 : nice
[04:02pm] bullshead : ETBI up over 100% today
[03:52pm] whirl : sold 2/3 MBRX
[03:37pm] racoonracoon : PLPL adding a bit here
[03:35pm] Blackjack : TPNI .0011 going
[03:17pm] Blackjack : TGRO news turns to be a fake news!
[02:58pm] whirl : MBRX huge gap to fill
[02:52pm] Optimus Prime : TGRO news just out
[02:25pm] Optimus Prime : YRIV lookn to test
[02:22pm] Optimus Prime : ACETQ kickn ask
[02:14pm] Optimus Prime : BIMI halted ............... on the edge of $5 for a blast
[02:00pm] Optimus Prime : DSS new highs
[01:59pm] Optimus Prime : MTP blew past the 3.fitty headbang
[01:58pm] Optimus Prime : MGI daily tells me $4 is very possible
[01:55pm] Optimus Prime : Insti holders = Institution ..
[01:53pm] Optimus Prime : MGI lookn like a swinger set up to $3 ..... lotsa Insti holders in
[01:43pm] bullshead : ETBI nice
[01:39pm] Optimus Prime : MTP lil pull ...atm ... get ready for 2nd wind
[01:38pm] Optimus Prime : KONA on bunce status
[01:38pm] Optimus Prime : GTBP off news
[01:37pm] Optimus Prime : LNGT off news
[01:36pm] rysky007 : LODE from Monday right?
[01:36pm] rysky007 : FCEL
[01:36pm] rysky007 : RNX
[01:36pm] rysky007 : SUNW from yesterday
[01:36pm] rysky007 : LDSR leading watch list
[01:36pm] rysky007 : KRFG
[01:36pm] rysky007 : PIR
[01:35pm] Optimus Prime : PIR back in action
[01:35pm] rysky007 : nice
[01:33pm] bullshead : ETBI great news
[01:19pm] Blackjack : GM
[01:18pm] aahepp : MTP jus sayin
[01:12pm] rysky007 : good morning
[01:11pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, Everyone. Happy Wednesday.
[01:01pm] shadow1461 : gm
[12:50pm] Optimus Prime : ok,,, Optimus Prime 8:46 AM DSS news just out w/ a lil popage
[08:04pm] Homebrew : YUMA still going in After HOurs
[07:36pm] whirl : riding BMMJ still
[06:14pm] whirl : nice on that one OP
[06:08pm] Optimus Prime : [06:36:49] Optimus Prime: [h[YUMA]] zooma
[05:55pm] whirl : BMMJ
[05:19pm] Optimus Prime : lol.. wish that thang up hill .....doesnt have a chance
[05:17pm] whirl : out EDXC .53
[04:41pm] whirl : EDXC cointinuing
[03:31pm] Optimus Prime : what dis MATN up to on such low vol/trades ?
[03:22pm] aahepp : BRS Jus Sayin
[03:18pm] aahepp : BRS nhod
[03:09pm] aahepp : DLYT eyeballs
[03:06pm] aahepp : free nugget: aahepp 10 : 53 AM BRS has found its way on the pinch/gap down scanner
[03:02pm] Optimus Prime : AMR lookn to test current .2684 hod
[02:58pm] whirl : EDXC up 50% from the lows
[02:49pm] Optimus Prime : WIZP check it !
[02:48pm] Optimus Prime : 1.03 SUNW ...she a tryn
[02:42pm] aahepp : ATOS jus sayin
[02:30pm] aahepp : DNRG jus sayin
[02:25pm] Optimus Prime : SUNW closing back in on $1
[02:15pm] whirl : EDXC flush bounce
[02:14pm] aahepp : BPMX -
[02:12pm] aahepp : even in your sub .10 price ragne
[02:12pm] aahepp : BPMX George and Weeze
[02:09pm] Optimus Prime : typicl 3rd soldier pattern being painted ..
[02:09pm] Optimus Prime : PTOP has yesterdays .055 high in sight
[02:08pm] Optimus Prime : ^^^^^^ just after open boyz an girlz
[02:07pm] aahepp : Another nugget you ask for:
[02:07pm] aahepp : aahepp 9 : 49 AM BPMX now getting buyers prior to the R/S coming Thursday
[02:04pm] aahepp : JUS SAYIN
[02:02pm] aahepp : by the way this was fortold to you yesterday
[02:02pm] Optimus Prime : Optimus Prime 10:01 AM ok,, lets see what this news just out has in store for PTOP we have a typical 3rd soldier gonna be painted ?
[01:44pm] whirl : DIGAF braking out
[01:40pm] Blackjack : TTCM .01
[01:36pm] Optimus Prime : YUMA zooma
[01:34pm] Homebrew : wow VYST dive dive dive down 25%
[01:34pm] Optimus Prime : SUNW $1 coming and possible break above
[01:27pm] whirl : AKTX nice
[01:26pm] Blackjack : GM
[12:50pm] aahepp : MBRX creating bag holders. Reason you day trade these things and never ever ever hold them
[12:37pm] Oneputtkip : HLTH looking good early
[12:32pm] aahepp : AKTX jus sayin
[12:30pm] Oneputtkip : I generally hid the gym right after market close
[12:29pm] aahepp : I get up @ 2AM to trade the EU Open then hit the gym. Money never sleeps
[12:12pm] aahepp : TROV jus sayin
[07:59pm] Optimus Prime : 300%
[07:59pm] Optimus Prime : 293%
[07:59pm] Optimus Prime : ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ from early morning .... and havnt seen a single post on it since .. currently ^^^ + 289 %
[07:49pm] rysky007 : getting eaten up, nice
[07:48pm] rysky007 : wtf
[07:48pm] rysky007 : cdel flashed 1 mill offer lol
[07:47pm] Optimus Prime : ime difference is 3 hrs .... that was way earlier that HEMP post
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