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[06:43pm] rysky007 : where is everyone?
[04:44pm] Homebrew : Out CELZ Cha Ching!
[04:16pm] Homebrew : SNAP close to test HOD, again ..current up 4% .Lunch time buyers should drive it to new hod... HEMP holding near hod
[04:13pm] Oneputtkip : EQLB extremely strong bid support, maybe ww
[02:39pm] smoots : crap didnt take, sorry
[02:39pm] smoots : Spats interveiw @ 34:30 min. 30
[02:33pm] Oneputtkip : EQLB hod, + 12%, watching for the .02 break
[02:30pm] Homebrew : Welcome back OP
[02:16pm] Optimus Prime : ABIL news just out and halted
[02:13pm] Optimus Prime : they gettn there ,,, but XBIO is on fiya
[02:12pm] rysky007 : MJ plays on fire yet?
[02:04pm] smoots : BLOZF moving nice
[01:57pm] Oneputtkip : EQLB parsar flip, watching for the .02 break
[01:54pm] fresh1 : ;)
[01:37pm] Homebrew : SNAP waking up again
[12:21pm] racoonracoon : CASI^
[01:14am] Privacy :
[01:14am] Privacy :
[01:09am] Privacy : good news
[12:58am] smoots : “We have witnessed today a very historic vote that ends 90 years of prohibition, that’s historic. It ends 90 years of needless criminalization, it ends a prohibition model that inhibited and discouraged public health, and community health
[06:10pm] Blackjack : yes meaning all cross pot sector going smokin hot!
[06:10pm] rysky007 : thats awesome
[06:10pm] Blackjack : Canada senate passed it not U.S. Senate but hearing someting in work coming out soon tho
[06:04pm] rysky007 : senate passed the pot bill?
[02:10pm] Blackjack :
[02:06pm] Blackjack : cross*
[02:06pm] Blackjack : USMJ .0005 cud wake up big as Canada senate passed mj law and ready to rock n roll all crosee mj sectors gonna be smokin hot
[02:02pm] Blackjack : VPRO
[02:01pm] onewood : RNVA is a dog but I have done well in the last couple of months with that one.
[02:00pm] Blackjack : nice
[02:00pm] onewood : My RNVA sold this moring. Bought at .0038 and sold at .0048.
[01:59pm] rysky007 : i change my watch list daily and still missing the top runners until scanner goes off
[01:59pm] rysky007 : haha
[01:59pm] rysky007 : that seems to be the norm
[01:58pm] onewood : Nothing in my portfolio. LOL
[01:58pm] Blackjack : AAGC
[01:58pm] rysky007 : morning
[01:58pm] rysky007 : whats moving
[01:58pm] onewood : GM
[01:56pm] rysky007 : quite day
[01:22pm] shadow1461 : watching AVEO, NURO, QPAG
[01:14pm] shadow1461 : gm from Georgia
[01:38am] Privacy : favorite chart setup:
[01:34am] Privacy : watch list for tomorow, developing chart plays FET, VICL, GSV, TLRD consider a few days hold :-) good luck
[12:45am] Privacy : : :)
[09:10pm] august1991 : RNVA WEST PALM BEACH, Fla, June 19, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rennova Health, Inc. (OTCQB: RNVA), (OTCQB: RNVAW), (“Rennova” or the “Company”) a vertically integrated provider of industry-leading d
[07:58pm] claudio_patron : HMNY heavy accumulation at .4200 tw could be epic
[07:55pm] smoots : I know you may find this hard to beleive, but LCLP is one of my baggers, lol
[07:53pm] claudio_patron : in HMNY at .3926 gapper
[06:53pm] Homebrew : Covered Short Sale of SNAP and adding more long shares to my other SNAp account
[06:42pm] Homebrew : CELZ News
[05:14pm] Blackjack : LCLP nice but watch for pullback entry??
[04:08pm] smoots : what ya think anybody?
[04:06pm] smoots : what ya think Black?
[04:04pm] smoots : LCLP matching 11/9/17 highs @ .0006
[02:14pm] Homebrew : Buying SNAP here after large drop fromopen
[01:31pm] august1991 : MSPC.....on watch
[01:30pm] Blackjack : Morning
[01:27pm] Andrew : "ASTC" closed at 1.95 yesterday, not sure it will run like to the levels that GEVO did yesterday, but should be interestinbg.
[01:24pm] Oneputtkip : ASTC news
[01:24pm] rysky007 : seeing the buzz on NURO
[01:22pm] Andrew : WOW, "ASTC" powerhouse pre-market. Can it have a run like GEVO yesterday?
[01:19pm] Andrew : Keeping an eye on "NURO" to see if it dips at opening or continues to move up. Up pre-market on news (NeuroMetrix Receives $3.8 Mln Milestone Payment From GlaxoSmithKline).
[01:16pm] Oneputtkip : good morning, All.
[12:37pm] alchemytrader22 : sup
[05:36pm] shadow1461 : Gainesville
[05:35pm] shadow1461 : outta here... off to Georgia for a week... Granddaughters wedding... cya from Gainsville
[03:19pm] smoots : EDGE climbing out
[02:45pm] Homebrew : SNAP CEO on CNBC right now..SP rising
[02:22pm] Blackjack : GEGP .0002 @ @
[02:00pm] shadow1461 : no help on PBYA.... holding
[01:53pm] Blackjack : HEMP .04
[01:39pm] shadow1461 : CMGO trying
[01:33pm] shadow1461 : PBYA pop
[01:29pm] Homebrew : SNAP on CNBC soon
[01:22pm] shadow1461 : morning
[01:22pm] Homebrew : GM
[01:10pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, All. Watching EQLB: strong close Friday, nice rebound chart
[12:38pm] Blackjack : gm
[12:11pm] smoots : Canadian canna NWGFF
[07:58pm] Oneputtkip : EQLB looking tom close hod; should be good Monday
[07:58pm] Homebrew : have good weekend everyone.....
[07:32pm] Oneputtkip : ^^^now + 17%
[07:17pm] Oneputtkip : EQLB nhod, .02 broke
[07:07pm] rysky007 : still going hu
[07:07pm] rysky007 : nice
[07:05pm] Oneputtkip : EQLB hod, may run if it can break the .02
[06:26pm] shadow1461 : me2
[06:16pm] Imagine : all this chatting too distracting for me see ya the 25th
[06:11pm] Imagine : HJLIW nice
[05:38pm] yuppee : CFRX
[05:35pm] yuppee : PBYA testing hod again
[05:24pm] smoots : gotta go, cya monday
[05:11pm] Oneputtkip : PACV trying for more
[05:05pm] Imagine : VKTXW very nice today too
[05:05pm] Imagine : yuppee doing the warrant thing sweet!
[05:04pm] Imagine : GNUS lots of chatter chatter new streaming thingy spose to have news tuesday i think
[05:03pm] yuppee : HJLIW gonna test the high again?
[04:43pm] yuppee : VSTM on the rise again
[04:31pm] Homebrew : SNAP going over $14 again...Watching HEMP for possable re-entry
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