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[07:41pm] aahepp : KEM if you took the trade no problem with taking some off the table for +.30
[07:41pm] Blackjack : what a hottie
[07:40pm] Imagine : CBDS hola
[07:34pm] Imagine : ACBFF holding over 8$
[07:33pm] Imagine : CBDS just well
[07:21pm] Blackjack : WDHR .0001 tiny daily volume cud wake up big time one day soon
[06:50pm] Imagine : sure hope shadow did not do something silly
[06:46pm] Imagine : ACBFF what!
[06:45pm] Imagine : CBDS lol well go on with your bad self
[06:28pm] Blackjack : OCLN .003 @@
[06:27pm] Blackjack : OCLN .
[06:27pm] Blackjack : .003
[06:23pm] Imagine : CBDS rub some oil on that puppy
[06:16pm] Imagine : Stormy Daniels book describes Trump as being like Superman coff coff faster than a speeding bullet
[06:09pm] Blackjack : good one
[06:09pm] Imagine : :D
[06:09pm] Blackjack : Bawhahawaa
[06:08pm] Imagine : hear about monica lowensky business start up? dry cleaners named Drop Your Pants and Jacket Off Here
[06:05pm] Blackjack : all s good!
[06:04pm] Imagine : NXTTF CBDS CANN CVSI ACBFF CRON play to win
[05:56pm] Imagine : ACBFF >>> Aurora Cannabis Positioned Coast to Coast with Provincial Supply Arrangements Appoints Darren Karasiuk as Executive Vice President of Adult Usage, Global
[05:50pm] Imagine : CBDS kleenex thin
[05:40pm] Imagine : ACBFF ha!
[05:24pm] Oneputtkip : EQLB ww imo
[05:06pm] Imagine : ICNB keep watch
[05:05pm] Imagine : NBEV nice not in
[05:04pm] Imagine : NXTTF CBDS CANN CVSI ACBFF CRON all havin nice day TLRY not in but amazing
[04:58pm] Oneputtkip : PPCB watching for the .065 break; resistance thin thereafter per LevelII
[04:39pm] Blackjack : not in but maybe u guys like
[04:38pm] Blackjack : MRRCF
[04:24pm] racoonracoon : green today CANB CVSI AGTK HIPH
[04:17pm] Oneputtkip : PPBC may be trying to bounce after vicious shakeout, ww
[04:06pm] Blackjack : OCT 17th!
[04:06pm] Blackjack : nice
[04:00pm] Imagine : lol amazing,,,,anyway CVSI CRON continue along with ACBFF
[03:08pm] shadow1461 : fingers crossed..... eyes as well :b
[02:59pm] aahepp : best thing is the posting by hopefuls they put out. ACBFF now up 4% after confirming beverage talks say traders
[02:52pm] aahepp : see ACBFF moving higher on news of no agreement
[02:52pm] shadow1461 : IGC trying
[02:46pm] aahepp : KEM nhod
[02:27pm] shadow1461 : NAVB flirting w/hod
[02:26pm] racoonracoon : up in low volume RGSE NAVB TNXP
[02:22pm] aahepp : RIOT if it can get over $4 should be able to get about .25/.30 out of it on a swing. Currently in a rather large "issue" so tread lightly it position taken
[02:19pm] aahepp : KEM trade idea -
[02:17pm] aahepp : but then again its the pink sheets news real or not has no bearing on how these trade
[02:14pm] aahepp : ACBFF if you holding you prob getting ready to take a beating. There was no talks with Coke
[02:08pm] shadow1461 : RRTS pinch still in play
[02:08pm] Imagine : still a CVSI holder itz gonna be bad azz again
[02:06pm] Imagine : np,,, play the hot sectors,,,right now cbd is the rage,,in drinks or not
[02:05pm] shadow1461 : good to hear...btw tnx for the heads up on ACBFF
[02:03pm] Imagine : ACBFF something big cometh me thinks
[02:00pm] Imagine : storm fagged out here,,,,2-3 inches of rain over 4 day period only 10-15 mph winds for like 3 days,,,ty for asking
[01:47pm] Imagine : ACBFF gonna be a goodie
[01:46pm] Imagine : morn shadow
[01:46pm] shadow1461 : good morning
[01:43pm] Imagine : CRON survived the short bash back in dbl figures
[01:42pm] Imagine : TLRY just still awesome
[01:40pm] Imagine : CVSI the news stream continues
[01:38pm] Imagine : NBEV romping,,,that cbd infusion drink stuff
[01:01pm] Optimus Prime : CGIX news and moe news
[12:55pm] hawk12 : Hi all Anybody looking at anything specific this a m?
[08:01pm] chain_breaker : not bad .. ended 8,330 .. wwweeee
[07:23pm] chain_breaker : i know its not .000003 stocks .. but still
[07:23pm] chain_breaker : having a decent day here
[07:23pm] chain_breaker : pic{1537212202989.png}
[06:42pm] Oneputtkip : PPCB may have consolidated but needs to break .07 to have a chance
[06:21pm] Blackjack : GOOD QUESTION
[06:16pm] chain_breaker : man .. where did everyone go?
[05:50pm] Oneputtkip : PBYA r/g
[04:32pm] shadow1461 : gone....truck wreck
[04:21pm] chain_breaker : or trendline i should say
[04:20pm] chain_breaker : AMZN broke its 6 month support line today
[03:58pm] Blackjack : CYLC
[03:55pm] chain_breaker : so whats new around here
[03:50pm] chain_breaker : well well well
[03:13pm] Imagine : the new rage 420 infused drinks a wait and see thing me thinks
[03:11pm] Imagine : cbd holdings more important IMO than actual 420 at this time
[03:10pm] Blackjack : Thumb up
[03:10pm] Blackjack >126 : The expected passage of the 2018 Farm Bill will be beneficial for publicly traded companies in the CBD space such as Sugarmade, Inc. (OTC: SGMD) and American Premium Water Corp. (OTC:HIPH). Both SGMD and HIPH recently had cov
[03:00pm] Imagine :
[02:46pm] Blackjack : CNHC .003
[02:34pm] Blackjack : OCLN .0033 @@
[02:27pm] Imagine : NC and SC aka the carolinas are f`ed
[02:26pm] aahepp : Only down $2 from last week when it was a time to buy
[02:23pm] Imagine : TVIX`ers hope ya noticed the under 28$ ...just sayin
[02:21pm] Imagine >9739 : have a coke and a buzz
[02:21pm] Blackjack >126 : yeah coke/mj
[02:15pm] Imagine >12393 : you on top of stuff guy,,,NXTTF got attacked by that citron ussy,,,it`ll be back
[02:13pm] Homebrew : Bought some cheap NIO shares....see where it goes from this dip
[02:12pm] shadow1461 : been watching that one Imagine
[02:06pm] Imagine : for those that think beyond a couple of hours or for a day or two ACBFF >>.
[01:58pm] aahepp : TROX pre-pinch trade (r/r) -
[01:39pm] shadow1461 : also HVGDF
[01:39pm] shadow1461 : FOGCF
[01:37pm] Blackjack : PLFM .0005
[01:35pm] shadow1461 : watching TMPS, UAMY,LEJU
[01:34pm] shadow1461 : NMUS gap out of the chute
[01:31pm] Blackjack : PLFM .0004 @@
[01:21pm] shadow1461 : good morning
[01:12pm] onewood : Good morning
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