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[08:03pm] Imagine : ditto and poooooof
[08:03pm] smoots : ^v> cyall monday
[08:01pm] smoots : you 2 rock
[08:01pm] smoots : GREEN
[08:01pm] RockinTop : Have a great weekend people!
[08:00pm] smoots : needed .057 or better @ close for me on a out @ .05
[07:57pm] i_like_bb_stock : DEWM Looking like were gonna close near HOD
[07:48pm] i_like_bb_stock : RBNW over 006 going for HOD
[06:59pm] i_like_bb_stock : FRFS here we go going for HOD test
[06:47pm] smoots : YUSEF! where are you, LOL
[06:36pm] Optimus Prime : MARA poking her head out of the hole for a possible last hr of trading type of move ??
[06:35pm] Imagine : my bad wwww changed to WEB
[06:34pm] RockinTop : makes sense
[06:32pm] Imagine >2968 : I own F,V,CSX,M,AAL,WWWW and others loooog term itz just so ez with everything readily at hand
[06:31pm] smoots : Im otay ill keep trying
[06:30pm] Imagine >13710 : the tutorials are awesome and youtube has a plethra of useful vids too
[06:29pm] RockinTop : seems reasonable to have all bells and whistles...and reasonable cost of doing business....I was mainly curious is it all needed and I would think so
[06:28pm] Imagine : coff coff lol
[06:28pm] Imagine : for the diff in price is it worth having all mkts,,,IMO yes if you are investor
[06:27pm] i_like_bb_stock : FRFS looking for a move over 05 here shortly PRs can start at anytime
[06:25pm] Imagine : what do you trade mostly,,,,does your platform have adequate info on what you seldom trade
[06:23pm] RockinTop : I would think so
[06:23pm] RockinTop : my trial is over so just trying to decide if I need all markets and tools
[06:21pm] smoots : got till tue on 14 trial and im terrible @ learning how to use, just been news streaming, filter builder?????
[06:21pm] Optimus Prime : puttn GIGL on notice
[06:19pm] RockinTop : those using equity feed.... do you buy for viewing all markets?
[06:11pm] i_like_bb_stock : UNVC going for the next leg here thinning out
[06:11pm] RockinTop : %$@!%$#@^%#@^%$#^%$&%$ etrade
[06:09pm] Imagine : grab em by the
[06:09pm] Optimus Prime : ahh ha ,,, not today, but got some lastnight after the Didgers won the pennant !
[06:09pm] fresh1 : lollll...OP
[06:08pm] Optimus Prime : anyone grab some ANUS today ?
[06:08pm] Imagine : don`t stress the small stuff
[06:08pm] RockinTop : and jst like that, I can suddnely change and place the order smh
[06:07pm] RockinTop : guess thats why it came out of no where... effn bs
[06:04pm] Imagine : trade king ditto
[06:03pm] Imagine : IMO don`t pay over 4.95 per transaction and stay away from tdameriturd
[06:02pm] RockinTop : took my order no problem, but sell for a profit it wouldnt effd
[06:01pm] RockinTop : ok, thanks for the tips. I am gonna look around, this is complete BS
[06:00pm] Optimus Prime : not anymore ........... had multi accounts to get past the 3 day trades in a 1 week period
[06:00pm] Imagine : yes 2 accounts
[05:59pm] RockinTop : so you have mutiple accounts then?
[05:58pm] Imagine : had 2 accounts for a while here
[05:57pm] Optimus Prime : when 007 1st opened the door
[05:57pm] Imagine : plenty incentives out there >. free trades x-amount etc
[05:57pm] Optimus Prime : did that additional accounts long time ago ...sure helps
[05:55pm] RockinTop : 3-4
[05:55pm] Imagine : not telling you what do but itz a effed rat only got one escape hole,,,IMO set up another account
[05:55pm] Optimus Prime : how many trades a day you make on average ?
[05:54pm] RockinTop : what BS
[05:53pm] RockinTop : no
[05:53pm] Imagine : patterned day trader
[05:53pm] Imagine : newbie
[05:53pm] Optimus Prime : pattern day trade rules
[05:53pm] RockinTop : PDT?
[05:52pm] Optimus Prime : you on PDT ?
[05:52pm] RockinTop : etrade
[05:49pm] Imagine : not up to date
[05:47pm] RockinTop : wtf with TIGE wouldnt let me sell it had to call broker???
[05:46pm] Imagine : somma dat ihub stuff
[05:46pm] Imagine : front loaded momo?
[05:44pm] Optimus Prime : another WTF ! ANAS
[05:37pm] i_like_bb_stock : UNVC getting bought up going much higher here
[05:32pm] Optimus Prime : break time ..
[05:28pm] Imagine : 06 ink
[05:26pm] Imagine : da train boss leavin the station 059 up
[05:23pm] Imagine : 055
[05:22pm] Imagine : 053 are ya ready
[05:19pm] Imagine : 0475 hittin
[05:19pm] Imagine >13710 : 0073 lod
[05:19pm] Imagine : oops
[05:18pm] Optimus Prime : Jan 13th , 2011 is where that .006 prev. close came from ,,, been suspeneded or sump since then
[05:17pm] Imagine : here we go
[05:16pm] smoots : net income for 1/4 ending june 30, 2017 was 1M or .04 per basic and diluted common share
[05:15pm] Imagine : chits n grins
[05:15pm] Imagine : still under a milly vol might tap it small
[05:14pm] Optimus Prime : but I do see the .006 prev. close # ....
[05:13pm] Optimus Prime : only looked 1 year
[05:12pm] Imagine : cant catch em all
[05:11pm] Imagine : cant be 1st day closed yest .006
[05:10pm] Imagine : wow
[05:10pm] Optimus Prime : ^^^^^^^^ is this its 1st day =Debut
[05:10pm] Optimus Prime : wtf ? TIGE outta nowhere !!!!!!!!!!
[05:09pm] Imagine : yankees/dodgers should be helluva series
[05:08pm] Imagine : got out played plain and simple
[05:08pm] Blackjack : will watch one next year move on to futbull
[05:08pm] Blackjack : i cant watch the playoff anymore so pissssssssssssssed
[05:02pm] Imagine : always liked Dusty even in his playing days
[05:01pm] Imagine : GOTTA WIN THE BIG ONES
[05:01pm] Optimus Prime : 1 good thing .... that NFL knee nonsense hasnt infected baseball ----------
[05:00pm] Optimus Prime : lifetime 1st baseman for the Didgers ------------ but thats sports (meaning business, not a game anymore)
[04:59pm] Optimus Prime : lol
[04:59pm] Optimus Prime : yeah = trader
[04:59pm] Imagine : whoa Dusty Baker out in DC
[04:59pm] Optimus Prime : teach them chicago-ians to flip off
[04:56pm] Imagine : Raiders pulled out freaky game,,,,that was a trip under 2 minutes
[04:56pm] Optimus Prime : Cubs knocked em out last year ... payback time
[04:56pm] Imagine : don`t know what happened there drained i guess from previous series
[04:55pm] Optimus Prime : I was gettn embarrassssed for the Cubs :8
[04:54pm] Imagine : unreal
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