Content Glossary


The place where many investors start is naturally with small investments. For investors in the United States that’s often with penny stocks and these are shares of small public companies. The penny stocks is typically a trade for less than $1.00. In other parts of the world, these types of low level investments are called cent stocks. Regardless of the amount of being invested or how many an investor is interested in at one time it is good to know the benefits and risks of any investment. Starting out with penny stocks is good way to learn more about investment and to learn of the resources that exist for investors to gain knowledge.


Simple methods are often the best. In keeping up with what is happening on the stock market along with books, trade software, and online newspapers, one easy to find out what is going on in the market is through a stock forum. Often information runs through a stock forum even before hitting all but the most current news agencies. Through online forums, it is also possible to trade information on stocks that would be mean pouring over data for hours in the day. For day traders and those who follow the stocks after a long day at an office having a forum offers another method of information retrieval.


You may have heard that you can make a lot of money in penny stock trading, or you may even know someone who has done so. Perhaps you want to know what penny stocks are, and how you can make money trading in them. Penny stocks are stocks that sell for less than one dollar per share and are not traded on the open public markets. The value of these stocks tends to be extremely volatile, and can change by hundreds of percentage points in minutes.