[05:23am] Kylefrink : BA,JPM (Bigboard)- KBLB, SPHS-(PennyList) On Watch
[08:41pm] Kylefrink : $BA After Pullback,
[02:56pm] traderearl : HMPQ ww
[10:03am] rysky007 : EVAHF news
[07:00am] Kylefrink : $INO & $VSTM should be a small play
[11:21am] rysky007 : how are things there?
[10:34am] _Tank_ : back in the M.E.
[10:32am] rysky007 : are you state side? or still in Middleast?
[10:32am] _Tank_ : Surviving
[10:32am] rysky007 : Tank buddy how are you?
[10:00am] traderearl : FTXP ww
[09:30am] rysky007 : should run a bit
[09:22am] traderearl : Wolf paid on GDET so we have see
[09:20am] rysky007 : GDET runs on news usually
[09:20am] rysky007 : awesome
[09:19am] traderearl : GDET news
[09:18am] traderearl : ZOM ww
[04:05pm] evilchild : i think someone signed up using that username after it got deleted for inactivity for a long time
[04:04pm] rysky007 : hey bud, not sure, maybe password? it should work
[12:36pm] traderearl : TTCM move again
[11:47am] traderearl : HMPQ ww
[10:33am] traderearl : TTCM new high
[10:25am] traderearl : TTCM ww
[10:24am] traderearl : Go to webpage then scroll bottom
[10:21am] noob516 : whats expectations for PLIN?
[09:40am] rysky007 : glad to see that one moving
[09:40am] rysky007 : the MJ sector should be booming righ tnow
[09:40am] traderearl : HEMP still ww
[09:33am] rysky007 : wow PLIN breaking out sooner then expected
[09:33am] rysky007 : nice
[09:30am] rysky007 : My Mega Wednesday Alert is.... https://megastockalert.com/alert/breakout-chart-alert/
[09:30am] rysky007 : My Mega Wednesday Alert is.... https://megastockalert.com/alert/breakout-chart-alert/
[09:30am] rysky007 : My Mega Wednesday Alert is.... https://megastockalert.com/alert/breakout-chart-alert/
[09:30am] rysky007 : My Mega Wednesday Alert is.... https://megastockalert.com/alert/breakout-chart-alert/
[09:21am] rysky007 : good morning
[03:17pm] rysky007 : BBRW
[03:17pm] rysky007 : GGBXF
[03:17pm] rysky007 : MTCH nice day
[03:17pm] rysky007 : GTCH
[12:21pm] traderearl : just see GDET paid pump
[12:08pm] traderearl : HEMP ww
[12:07pm] dustin646 : might want to chek out MJNA
[11:51am] traderearl : ALJJ ww
[11:36am] Kylefrink : Gn
[11:36am] Kylefrink : Have a Good Day Guys, INO Still Has a little Room
[11:04am] traderearl : ITOX more high
[11:01am] rysky007 : is SPHS moving now?
[11:01am] rysky007 : im scanning for new ones
[10:54am] traderearl : ITOX new high
[10:40am] traderearl : GDET high volume look stuck
[10:39am] traderearl : ITOX ww
[10:36am] Kylefrink >rysky007 : thx for SPHS
[10:34am] rysky007 : DLOC decent move, low volume still
[10:33am] rysky007 : wow nice play there
[10:13am] Kylefrink : missed that one...my brother playing $RMED though
[10:10am] rysky007 : SPHS any one watching?
[10:06am] traderearl : LK new highs
[10:01am] rysky007 : lots of volume today but not much price action
[10:00am] rysky007 : OBLN moving
[09:59am] traderearl : LK ww
[09:47am] dustin646 : IVR?
[09:46am] Kylefrink : Gm all
[09:43am] rysky007 : morning
[09:36am] Kylefrink : ino...maybe
[09:36am] Kylefrink : INO
[09:32am] alchemytrader22 : yeah but you have to pay to get in the real chats
[09:31am] traderearl : GDET ww
[09:30am] dustin646 : recommend another?
[09:29am] dustin646 : not very many people on this site. why?
[09:28am] alchemytrader22 : theyre front loaded
[09:27am] alchemytrader22 : dont play the pump n dump alerts
[08:32am] dustin646 : hello. new to 007. what time does the alert come out?
[08:01am] Kylefrink : And GNMK
[08:00am] Kylefrink : Keeping an Eye on NAT
[12:50pm] rysky007 : WRHLF breaking out finally
[10:37am] alchemytrader22 : SNDL in some 1.11 MJ mover
[02:16pm] rysky007 : ATDS?
[02:16pm] rysky007 : NNRX?
[02:16pm] rysky007 : CCTR
[02:16pm] rysky007 : wow MOMT any one catch that?
[10:02am] rysky007 : .12
[10:02am] rysky007 : nice little late morning breakout
[10:02am] rysky007 : eoe
[10:02am] rysky007 : wow
[09:30am] rysky007 : BEGI is my Mega Thursday Alert
[09:30am] rysky007 : BEGI is my Mega Thursday Alert
[09:30am] rysky007 : BEGI is my Mega Thursday Alert
[09:30am] rysky007 : BEGI is my Mega Thursday Alert
[09:30am] rysky007 : BEGI is my Mega Thursday Alert
[09:30am] rysky007 : BEGI is my Mega Thursday Alert
[09:14am] otctrader88 : great!
[09:14am] rysky007 : does not look like it will gap, thank god :)
[09:14am] rysky007 : gate gaps
[09:13am] rysky007 : about .035
[09:13am] otctrader88 : TY
[09:13am] otctrader88 >rysky007 : what is the price range of todays alety?
[04:36pm] Kylefrink : Checkout NAT
[11:41am] rysky007 : well that sux
[11:34am] traderearl : BEP chain
[11:34am] traderearl : already. no volume on it
[11:34am] rysky007 : then coinbasepro is the way to go for US
[11:33am] rysky007 : wow, had no clue
[11:33am] rysky007 : when is .us opening up?
[11:32am] traderearl : reason binance.us now
[11:32am] traderearl : https://blog.shrimpy.io/blog/binance-blocks-us-customers
[11:31am] traderearl : 2019
[11:27am] rysky007 : really?
[11:27am] rysky007 : since when?
[11:21am] traderearl : Unless your grandfathered you can not do binance in us
[11:15am] rysky007 : https://www.binance.com/en/register?ref=15850206
[11:12am] memphisjoe86 : what platform are you using for trading?
[11:12am] rysky007 : been accumulating BTC, WLT, XLM for months, trading in and out of BTC based on dips
[11:11am] rysky007 : i do
[10:45am] memphisjoe86 : crypto*
[10:44am] memphisjoe86 : anyone trade cryto?
[10:43am] memphisjoe86 : super sucks but o well. I made alittle money nothing big.
[10:14am] rysky007 : yeah, halts tend to cause a sell off, one of the worst things I have ever seen the authrities do to stocks, its a practice that they know will cause a sell off and they still do it
[09:57am] memphisjoe86 : worried it will crash the stock being halted like this. Any thoughts
[09:57am] memphisjoe86 : looks like it was halted again! up 221%
[09:55am] rysky007 : nice
[09:55am] memphisjoe86 : up 186% crazy
[09:53am] memphisjoe86 : PHUN was way up .65 to 1.92
[09:53am] rysky007 : to much up?
[09:52am] rysky007 : wow two halted?
[09:52am] rysky007 : why?
[09:52am] memphisjoe86 : PHUN halted
[09:47am] shadow1461 : halted
[09:46am] shadow1461 : NNDM hot out of the gate
[09:44am] shadow1461 : MORNING
[09:28am] rysky007 : good morning
[02:22pm] rysky007 >gekams : watching SPONF, having a hard time to get over the 20ma, so the goal you where looking for may not happen, chart shows that it could, IF it gets over the 20ma which is at .034 range
[02:15pm] traderearl : OWCP ww
[01:28pm] Mj.Weezy : Anyone else hit TTOO today?
[01:27pm] Mj.Weezy : Second, getting my little girl. And thanks!
[01:27pm] rysky007 : nice, and congrats on the little one
[01:27pm] Mj.Weezy : What about you, what do you do? If you dont mind me asking
[01:27pm] Mj.Weezy : I can still operate from home, just not at the full capicity.
[01:26pm] Mj.Weezy : Systems is my specialty.
[01:26pm] Mj.Weezy : No, little to none. Mostly computer work
[01:25pm] rysky007 : nice, so not as much time in the kitechen hu?
[01:25pm] Mj.Weezy : I will be heading back to work in August, I have a little one due next month so taking some time.
[01:25pm] Mj.Weezy : Well I work for corporations as consulting work. For those that are looking to extend into the corporate world, looking to structure befroehand.
[01:24pm] rysky007 : is your resraurant coming back open?
[01:24pm] rysky007 : or should say did lol
[01:24pm] rysky007 : nice, where do you cook at?
[01:20pm] Mj.Weezy : I have all the time in the world, want to learn about this unique world. Money and finance has always interested me, but I am an executive chef. So no relation
[01:19pm] Mj.Weezy : Well, I am out of work for the next 2 months, so Looking to play with some rainy day money
[01:19pm] rysky007 : why did you dive into trading?
[01:19pm] rysky007 : awesome, welcome
[01:06pm] Mj.Weezy : First day in the pen, had some extra money to invest. Lookin to learn about investing in short day to day stocks. Any and all advise will be appreciated. I am 30 years old with no backgrond in this. Looking to have fun and learn to set my life up
[12:55pm] Mj.Weezy : looking for a late day close, whose got it/
[12:23pm] shadow1461 : NNDM
[11:47am] rysky007 : CBDD low volume but nice chart
[11:47am] rysky007 : PALT
[11:47am] rysky007 : NNDM
[11:47am] rysky007 : MNVWF
[11:47am] rysky007 : KNOS nice move today, any one catch it?
[11:47am] rysky007 : MFH
[11:47am] rysky007 : CIVX
[11:42am] traderearl : MITO ww
[11:39am] gekams : thanks
[11:39am] gekams : thank
[10:56am] rysky007 : once it sets the 20ma as a support here at the .034 range, then next stop is the top BB which is at .045 range
[10:56am] gekams : Thank you.
[10:55am] rysky007 : shart shows it can
[10:55am] gekams : Any possibility SPONF go up more than 33.33%
[10:11am] rysky007 : nice
[10:07am] traderearl : PIXY new high
[10:03am] traderearl : MFH ww
[09:30am] rysky007 : SPONF is my mega Tuesday Alert
[09:30am] rysky007 : SPONF is my mega Tuesday Alert
[09:30am] rysky007 : SPONF is my mega Tuesday Alert
[09:30am] rysky007 : SPONF is my mega Tuesday Alert
[09:30am] rysky007 : SPONF is my mega Tuesday Alert
[09:30am] rysky007 : SPONF is my mega Tuesday Alert
[09:26am] traderearl : PIXY ww
[08:55am] ciao : Good morning
[08:47am] rysky007 : good morning
[05:27am] Kylefrink : VSTM , NAT , INO Chart
[03:19pm] traderearl : SCON ww
[03:04pm] memphisjoe86 : Doing a little moving
[03:04pm] memphisjoe86 : BPMX
[03:03pm] traderearl : BIMI ww
[02:54pm] traderearl : YCDB new high
[02:20pm] traderearl : YCBD ww
[01:47pm] rysky007 : looking for a fast 20% mover
[01:22pm] memphisjoe86 : i was trading ACB like a month ago around .70
[01:22pm] memphisjoe86 : true true
[01:22pm] rysky007 : but ACB is a different beast, cant compare the two can you?
[01:22pm] memphisjoe86 : its holding up pretty good. ACB went into a R/S and they have blown up
[01:21pm] memphisjoe86 : yep
[01:21pm] rysky007 : dont they usually sell off when an R/S is announced?
[01:21pm] memphisjoe86 : look like it may pop they are going into a R/S
[01:20pm] rysky007 : no whats going on with it?
[01:20pm] memphisjoe86 : anyone checking out BPMX?
[01:20pm] memphisjoe86 : have you seen him on any other platforms?>
[01:20pm] memphisjoe86 : darn that sucks
[01:19pm] rysky007 : imagine has not been around for a while, he got into it with another trader and then disapeared
[01:19pm] rysky007 : no
[01:13pm] memphisjoe86 : zzzzz lol
[01:08pm] memphisjoe86 : yo has anyone see grizz or imagine
[11:53am] Homebrew : Watching BK play $JCP very close..see 1 or 5 min chart
[10:18am] rysky007 : INQD
[10:17am] rysky007 : XTRM an old fav that did so well back in 2016
[10:17am] rysky007 : TGODF
[10:17am] rysky007 : AUNFF
[10:17am] rysky007 : SIML moving
[09:41am] rysky007 : good morning
[02:28pm] rysky007 : ok were back up
[12:36pm] rysky007 : HENC
[12:36pm] rysky007 : FONU
[12:36pm] rysky007 : lots of movers today
[12:36pm] rysky007 : CLIS
[12:36pm] rysky007 : CIVX
[12:36pm] rysky007 : INND
[12:36pm] rysky007 : CAFI
[12:36pm] rysky007 : CREX
[12:36pm] rysky007 : OBDP
[12:35pm] rysky007 : wow PLIN hit 2.50 today, thast a second time its gone up from alert, love it
[11:04am] rysky007 : PLIN pushing 2 bucks from our 1.70 alert
[10:51am] rysky007 : MCOA moving
[10:51am] rysky007 : HEMP
[10:42am] rysky007 : good morning
[06:03am] alchemytrader22 : MVIS - .68 premarket. i guess people are starting to smarten up from the fake "tuesday" microsoft announcement.
[05:11pm] Homebrew : another new HOD $MVIS .86
[04:49pm] Homebrew : Bought some $IZEA for follow up news next week
[03:11pm] Kylefrink : VIPS again
[02:35pm] rysky007 : love it
[02:34pm] Homebrew : Yet asnother new hod $MVIS
[02:34pm] Homebrew : wil be a $IZEA buyer if the price breaks above .57 ,,current .54 ..... Next week Follow up News expected to this weeks news..
[02:21pm] Homebrew : MVIS testing HOD
[12:09pm] rysky007 : nice
[12:06pm] Kylefrink : VIPS moving ...also
[11:57am] shadow1461 : FTEK
[10:30am] rysky007 : morning, im late today
[10:30am] rysky007 : whats moving?
[10:20am] shadow1461 : MARA, KOPN
[09:49am] Kylefrink : VSTM, DHT, ZM, INO
[11:08am] rysky007 : ah makes sense
[10:27am] traderearl : worth watch
[10:18am] rysky007 : what does WW mean?
[10:14am] traderearl : AMAZ ww
[09:42am] traderearl : STWC new high
[09:32am] traderearl : IO new high
[09:30am] rysky007 : PLIN is My Past Winner Mega Thursday Alert https://megastockalert.com/alert/breakout-chart-alert/
[09:30am] rysky007 : PLIN is My Past Winner Mega Thursday Alert https://megastockalert.com/alert/breakout-chart-alert/
[09:30am] rysky007 : PLIN is My Past Winner Mega Thursday Alert https://megastockalert.com/alert/breakout-chart-alert/
[09:30am] rysky007 : PLIN is My Past Winner Mega Thursday Alert https://megastockalert.com/alert/breakout-chart-alert/
[09:26am] rysky007 : 4 min
[09:24am] rysky007 : you are very welcome
[09:24am] traderearl : STWC ww
[09:23am] otctrader88 : thank you!
[09:23am] rysky007 : just shy of 2 bucks
[09:23am] otctrader88 >rysky007 : has a price range for todays alert been posted?
[09:23am] rysky007 : ?
[09:22am] traderearl : IO ww
[09:20am] rysky007 : 10 minutes
[08:30am] rysky007 : im sorry that you feel that way
[07:14am] sammyt : not just pre or post
[07:13am] sammyt : The way it looks no one posts or trades here period anymore
[08:42pm] rysky007 : its after hours, not many trade post or pre here :(
[05:56pm] Diva927 : What happened to everyone?
[11:12am] rysky007 : QENC low volume but up big
[11:12am] rysky007 : INUV
[11:12am] rysky007 : WNDW
[11:12am] rysky007 : TEAR
[11:12am] rysky007 : IZEA
[11:12am] rysky007 : EWLL
[11:12am] rysky007 : CSUI
[10:15am] rysky007 : whats moving?
[09:45am] shadow1461 : XRF
[09:09am] Money-Master : Good morning everyone!
[10:24am] Money-Master : My mistake its called 007 stock chat now.
[10:05am] Money-Master : Hello all, its been years since I been the stock hideout.
[09:31am] rysky007 : GNPX taking off again
[09:09am] rysky007 : GNPX huge Patent News
[03:10pm] rysky007 : USEG and GOVX nice vol and move
[03:10pm] rysky007 : DCLT
[03:10pm] rysky007 : SLCH nice day
[03:10pm] rysky007 : HRAL
[03:10pm] rysky007 : NNLX
[03:10pm] rysky007 : USMJ
[03:09pm] rysky007 : that one
[03:09pm] rysky007 : how did I miss tha tone
[03:07pm] Homebrew : New hod $MVIS
[02:54pm] Homebrew : Watch MVIS for test of HOD, nearing .Volume surging last 5 mins
[11:29am] rysky007 : watching CSUI woke up today
[11:29am] rysky007 : ONPH moving
[10:49am] Homebrew : GM waking up slowly....
[10:40am] shadow1461 : FHBC, TLSS my good this AM
[10:10am] rysky007 : good morning
[11:20am] rysky007 : any runners?
[11:20am] rysky007 : hows the market today?
[09:03am] Homebrew : GM
[01:09pm] traderearl : PHUN ww
[01:08pm] Trader188 : Thanks Earl, yes ive just read the anouncement
[01:02pm] traderearl : TRNX to delist
[12:58pm] Trader188 : TRNX dropped over 20% now lots of trades going through any thoughts why the sudden drop and interest
[12:17pm] lukin4stocks : TLSS hit .094 yesterday then fell apart .04 probably dilution
[12:17pm] jimmys : Word Press for a site, not very secure
[12:12pm] lukin4stocks : halleluyah after many tries finally registered successfully
[12:03pm] jimmys : What happened here. Place fallen apart
[11:01am] traderearl : APDN
[09:51am] shadow1461 : XELA running
[09:29am] rysky007 : here we go
[09:20am] rysky007 : MIND
[09:20am] rysky007 : MARK
[09:20am] rysky007 : UAVS
[09:20am] rysky007 : CPE
[09:20am] rysky007 : SECO
[09:20am] rysky007 : XELA up 60% pre market
[09:16am] rysky007 : pre market
[09:16am] rysky007 : PHBI going pre mraket
[08:59am] rysky007 : good morning
[04:11pm] Homebrew : $UAVS in after hours booming higher...
[12:58pm] shadow1461 : did catch CAPR, btw
[12:58pm] shadow1461 : tnx
[12:57pm] rysky007 : congrats on a grand grand daughter, thats awesome
[12:57pm] shadow1461 >rysky007 : Great grand daughter tired of fishing
[12:57pm] rysky007 : lol
[11:22am] rysky007 : no, completely missed it
[11:22am] rysky007 : moving?
[11:15am] alchemytrader22 : nobody caught CAPR?
[10:11am] rysky007 >shadow1461 : thank you for setting up your profile pic :)
[10:11am] rysky007 : whats every one watching
[09:26am] dreamcar88 : morning
[09:14am] rysky007 : good morning
[01:42pm] rysky007 : any one play RAEWF?
[01:39pm] rysky007 : lots of runners today, my scanner reminds me of 2009 when we had 10 400% runners every day adn all we had to do was choose which one to play
[01:39pm] rysky007 : DEEL
[01:39pm] rysky007 : TLSS
[01:39pm] rysky007 : ITOX
[01:39pm] rysky007 : CREX
[01:39pm] rysky007 : ETEK
[01:39pm] rysky007 : TVMD
[01:32pm] rysky007 : 1.30 for CTXR nice
[01:25pm] rysky007 : 1.24
[01:25pm] rysky007 : 1.28
[01:25pm] rysky007 : I cant keep up lol
[01:24pm] rysky007 : there it goes
[01:24pm] rysky007 : 1.22
[01:24pm] rysky007 : 1.23
[01:23pm] rysky007 : wow CTXR 1.20
[10:58am] rysky007 : CTXR new HOD
[10:31am] Homebrew : bought a little WLL Oil play, futures rising
[09:38am] Bannsco1 : bynd
[09:38am] rysky007 : CTXR moving
[09:38am] Bannsco1 : EXDI
[09:25am] rysky007 : everyone is missing their logo
[09:25am] rysky007 : guys re set your icons :(
[09:25am] Homebrew : GM
[06:35am] evilchild : CNTTQ
[06:30am] evilchild : EWLL
[06:03am] evilchild : EWLL
[04:23pm] alchemytrader22 : NMHLY i screwed up and sold back my .35
[04:23pm] Homebrew : $WLL $1.07 HOD 1.12 Was down about 28% and filled downside gap. Now down 4% and working on upside gaps,,,several upside gaps to fill..Only thing i am watching today.....have distrackions today...but $WLL could breakout today or tommrow
[04:22pm] rysky007 : NMHLY huge volume today
[04:21pm] rysky007 : TOTAR
[04:21pm] rysky007 : CDIX
[04:20pm] rysky007 : CNTTQ anyone see whats driving that one?
[04:19pm] hossman : he used to take over once in a while here?
[04:17pm] hossman : big musle guy: whats was his name; good guy?
[04:16pm] rysky007 : people come and go
[04:16pm] rysky007 : not sure honestly
[04:15pm] hossman : wheres all our buddys?
[04:14pm] hossman : Im good thx and you?
[04:14pm] rysky007 : sorry just got some technical things fixed so testing them
[04:14pm] rysky007 : yeah man how are you?
[04:13pm] hossman : guess not
[04:11pm] hossman : i rysky007 do you remember me?
[04:10pm] rysky007 : EWLL
[04:09pm] evilchild : AAPL
[04:04pm] rysky007 : what is everyone watching
[04:03pm] rysky007 : hi
[04:03pm] rysky007 : test
[04:00pm] evilchild : type
[03:58pm] rysky007 : test
[01:39pm] rysky007 : go to Home > Profile and upload it there
[01:39pm] rysky007 : you may have to re upload your icon
[01:39pm] rysky007 : hey guys, we got a lot of small issues fixed
[01:33pm] Homebrew : GM
[01:28pm] rysky007 : good mornig
[10:30pm] alchemytrader22 : apparently, NMHLY is a BK pump
[05:09pm] rysky007 : BKLLF went green today, been watching for that, they had some intersting COV19 news
[05:09pm] rysky007 : what is it doing?
[05:06pm] alchemytrader22 : NMHLY what the hell is going on here?
[02:13pm] traderearl : TRNX more highs
[01:57pm] traderearl : TRNX
[01:40pm] shadow1461 : Good Morning
[12:53pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, Everyone. Hapy Friday.
[06:49pm] tgen4 : just broke $1.80
[06:40pm] tgen4 : I see breaking $1.80-$2.40
[06:39pm] tgen4 : WLL POWER HOUR!
[04:59pm] traderearl : BRAV low volume but ww
[03:55pm] tgen4 : WLL is the chosen one!
[03:12pm] bill777 : WLL moving
[02:32pm] rysky007 : lots of talk about MJ sector being the saving of our economy, not sure how true that is
[02:32pm] rysky007 : HEMP green
[02:32pm] rysky007 : BKLLF green
[02:18pm] traderearl : BTSC ww
[01:47pm] traderearl : APRU
[01:34pm] traderearl : ITOX alerted yesterday ww
[01:32pm] traderearl : TTCM alerted yesterday ww
[01:28pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, Everyone. Happy Thursday.
[07:56pm] rysky007 : BKLLF took a dive today, watching for bounce in the comng days
[07:55pm] rysky007 : ONPH pressing to HOD at EOD lol
[07:55pm] rysky007 : lol didnt see that coming
[06:26pm] not_a_robot_trader : gotcha. thanks
[06:26pm] rysky007 : most use Etrade, TD/Scott/ThinkorSwim SureTrader if thats still around, InteractiveBrokers
[06:22pm] not_a_robot_trader : hey guys. i am currently using TD Ameritrade which i really like but is there platform you guys can recommend?
[06:05pm] rysky007 : awesome
[06:05pm] rysky007 : no loss
[05:57pm] not_a_robot_trader : i got out and broke even
[04:38pm] rysky007 : lets see
[04:38pm] rysky007 : lol
[04:38pm] bill777 : Its a paid pump, when the money runs out, it will run out
[04:37pm] rysky007 : bollinger bands are just opening up, could be more to this play, but it may have to fill the gap, well see, watching it close
[04:26pm] not_a_robot_trader : i am tempted to get out but i want to wait a little longer
[04:25pm] rysky007 : i know, watching it waiting
[04:22pm] not_a_robot_trader : ONPH just doesnt want go past 0.041.
[03:13pm] traderearl : ITOX
[02:41pm] rysky007 : ONPH holding HOD levels
[01:41pm] traderearl : UCO new high
[01:30pm] traderearl : TTCM ww low volume
[01:29pm] shadow1461 : Good Morning
[01:29pm] rysky007 : good morning
[01:06pm] traderearl : UCO ww
[01:06pm] rysky007 : ONPH moving pre market
[01:04pm] traderearl : DNJR ww
[01:01pm] Rb1020 : Nice
[12:44pm] alchemytrader22 : MYOV positive phase 3
[10:08am] alchemytrader22 : hey. chat finally works again!
[02:38am] rysky007 : https://megastockalert.com/alert/breakout-chart-alert/
[03:10pm] traderearl : WLL
[03:02pm] traderearl : HALB ww
[02:32pm] bill777 : this placed died
[01:24pm] shadow1461 : Good Morning
[10:37am] evilchild : .
[04:11pm] rysky007 : BKLLF moving up agian, its been on a nice uptrend, intersting news today
[04:10pm] rysky007 : scanning
[04:06pm] tgen4 : Anything for today?
[02:51pm] rysky007 : were here
[02:51pm] rysky007 : had to do some maintanance
[02:46pm] shadow1461 : Beuhler....Beuhler.....Beuhler
[06:09pm] rysky007 : hi
[06:08pm] not_a_robot_trader : hello everyone. i just jponed a couple of days ago
[06:08pm] not_a_robot_trader : *joined
[01:45pm] tgen4 : TRNX?
[12:59pm] tgen4 : Good morning
[12:58pm] shadow1461 : good morning
[06:53pm] Homebrew : Thanks
[06:50pm] rysky007 : welcome back
[06:50pm] Homebrew : nice to be back..been locke dout for a few days...fixed problem,replaced computer lol
[05:31pm] traderearl : TTCM
[02:31pm] shadow1461 : PDSB
[01:49pm] traderearl : BRAV news
[01:43pm] traderearl : BRAV ww
[01:30pm] rysky007 : CIRX is my Mega Thursday Alert
[01:30pm] rysky007 : CIRX is my Mega Thursday Alert
[01:30pm] rysky007 : CIRX is my Mega Thursday Alert
[01:30pm] rysky007 : CIRX is my Mega Thursday Alert
[01:24pm] Oneputtkip : PLIN
[01:22pm] louis04061 : k
[01:22pm] rysky007 : at the opening bell
[01:21pm] louis04061 : what ticker
[01:20pm] rysky007 : Bottom bounce chart alert aroun .04 price coming at the opening bell with a float of only 3.8Mill shares
[12:50pm] traderearl : THMO
[12:40pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, Everyone. Happy Thursday.
[12:39pm] louis04061 : good morning traders
[11:37am] traderearl : EDNT ww
[11:13am] traderearl : SNGX ww
[06:33pm] Rb1020 : Thoughts on CORV
[03:29pm] tgen4 : understood, thought so.
[03:28pm] rysky007 : so if I am tryin gto get filled at .008, ill limit offer .01
[03:28pm] rysky007 : just in case
[03:28pm] rysky007 : with subbies, I always limit above the offer
[03:28pm] rysky007 : could of traded over it
[03:27pm] tgen4 : i hit limit at first. at .008 but didnt go through, know why?
[03:27pm] rysky007 : yes
[03:26pm] tgen4 : nice call
[03:13pm] louis04061 : quick scalp
[03:06pm] louis04061 : BVTK, starting to run, got hammered on this before but money is money
[01:45pm] traderearl : VISL continues
[01:41pm] traderearl : TTCM ww
[01:25pm] traderearl : PIXY
[01:16pm] traderearl : VISL ww
[01:09pm] louis04061 : AYTU News
[01:05pm] shadow1461 : LWAY
[12:55pm] 7o7soldier : does bigred still hangout here?
[11:36am] traderearl : GRIL ww
[11:21am] traderearl : APHA ww
[04:54pm] traderearl : you trade the not marry them over dollar profit
[04:45pm] rysky007 : kk
[04:44pm] louis04061 : sorry AIKI
[04:44pm] rysky007 : which one?
[01:52pm] tgen4 : SONN WW
[01:41pm] traderearl : AIKI continue
[01:39pm] Oneputtkip : ^^ hod
[01:21pm] Oneputtkip : MLND very active am
[01:10pm] Oneputtkip : Good morning, Everyone. Happy Tuesday.