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Personal Finance Daily: 7 things NOT to buy with your $1,400 stimulus check and existing-home sales fall as inventory remains a challenge for buyers

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Personal Finance
Get a COVID vaccine, and get a free Krispy Kreme doughnut every single day this year

The sweet vaccination push sparked some backlash, as critics claim it promotes obesity

A quarter of Americans have recently witnessed someone blame Asian people for COVID-19

The new survey was conducted after the shooting deaths of six Asian women in the Atlanta area.

Rents are still dropping in some parts of the country — but these tenants are missing out

Nationally, the rental market is showing signs of improvement.

‘My pulse rate had shot up to 120 as I gasped my way into the ER’: Italy resumes AstraZeneca vaccine, and tightens lockdown

More than half of Italy’s regions are now in the ‘red zone,’ just one year after the country effectively shut down.

IRS: More $1,400 stimulus payments are coming — so check your mail

Another wave of $1,400 stimulus payments rolling out this week — and this time, many are coming as paper checks or pre-paid debit cards, the Internal Revenue Service announced Monday.

Existing-home sales fall as inventory remains a challenge for buyers

Analysts say that weather-related disruptions to the economy in February likely had an impact on home sales as well.

You’re vaccinated. Can you finally take a vacation?

Many countries — including most of Western Europe— still aren’t open to U.S. tourists.

7 things NOT to buy with your $1,400 stimulus check

‘It would be sad and painful to see people end up losing this money that was designed to prop up the economy and get us out of COVID-induced recession.’

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Democrats, Republicans divided over Washington, D.C., statehood in House hearing

Democrats and Republicans sparred Monday over statehood for Washington, D.C., with proponents saying residents were due full voting rights and critics calling it a partisan power grab and arguing the city’s unique status raised constitutional hurdles.

AstraZeneca’s new COVID-19 vaccine trial data will give the shot a U.S. boost

The COVID-19 vaccine of the U.K.-Swedish pharmaceuticals group AstraZeneca has shown robust results in its U.S. trial, the company said on Monday.

Bitcoin, crypto investors will be watching these 5 questions facing the Biden administration

The fate of the dizzying rally in crypto assets could depend greatly on the Biden administration’s regulatory stance to the burgeoning crypto economy

Economists say inflation risks highest in two decades and could force Fed to raise interest rates in 2022

Federal Reserve leaders keep saying they don’t plan to raise rock-bottom U.S. interest rates for several years, but a growing number of economists think a speedier recovery and high inflation will force the central bank to act more quickly.

Personal Finance Daily: The Fed plans to keep interest rates low — here’s why mortgage rates could rise anyway and Sanders to CEOs: Pay workers more or pay the government more

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Personal Finance
The Fed plans to keep interest rates low — here’s why mortgage rates could rise anyway

Mortgage rates are now at the highest point since July and could go even higher even if the Federal Reserve doesn’t change its policy.

Are you claiming a 2020 stimulus payment on your taxes? The IRS will no longer seize it for unpaid debts — but there are exceptions

Once the economic impact payment was mixed with a tax refund, it became subject to the same rules that allowed the IRS to seize the refund and pay down debts.

Many teens are experiencing anxiety and depression during COVID-19 — here’s what parents can do to help

‘Although serious illness from COVID-19 is uncommon among teens, the changes brought on by the pandemic have wreaked havoc on their lives.’

Sanders to CEOs: Pay workers more or pay the government more

Bernie Sanders wants to increase the corporate tax rate by 0.5% for companies that pay their top executives 50 times more their median workers.

‘We can get through this’: Struggling with your mental health during the pandemic? Try these tips and resources

A year into the pandemic, one in five U.S. adults say they’re experiencing high levels of psychological distress.

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WHO urges countries to keep using AstraZeneca vaccine as ‘benefits outweigh risks’

‘Vaccination against COVID-19 will not reduce illness or deaths from other causes,’ the World Health Organization said.

Fed recommits to keeping interest rates low despite some inflation overshoot

The Federal Reserve on Wednesday held its easy policy stance steady and continued to forecast no rate hikes through the end of 2023, despite seeing a slight overshoot of its inflation target this year.

‘Immediate environmental benefits’: FedEx chief tells Congress longer trailers would help climate

The head of FedEx Corp. on Wednesday told Congress he sees a quick way for the transportation sector to help the environment: longer trailers.

When will you get your $1,400 stimulus check? 90 million already arrive, more hitting ‘in the coming weeks’

Now that the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill has been signed into law, the wait is on for the sweeping package’s $1,400 stimulus checks.

Personal Finance Daily: Renters in these cities could save up to $5,000 by signing a lease now and Wells Fargo defends stimulus-check delay

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Personal Finance
Renters in these cities could save up to $5,000 by signing a lease now

Rents continued to fall in many cities last month, but could soon rebound, according to a new report.

Eviction filings increased after CDC issued nationwide moratorium, government report shows

A Government Accounting Office report criticized the CDC for not doing more to promote awareness of the eviction moratorium it enacted in September.

‘Amazon can get anything in the world physically to your door in under 48 hours. It takes Uncle Sam six days’: Wells Fargo defends stimulus-check delay

‘That time delay costs American living on the edge millions, billions in fees,’ says Aaron Klein, a former Treasury Department deputy assistant secretary for economic policy.

Lawmakers to IRS: ‘Millions of stressed-out taxpayers, businesses and preparers would appreciate an extension’ on April 15 tax deadline

The $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan adds a new level of complexity to a complicated tax season.

‘Change can happen without us noticing’: COVID brought us a year of epic uncertainty — but here’s what I know for sure

‘The isolation doesn’t seem quite so intense one year later. Perhaps we have normalized it, but we can be forgiven if our stoicism turns to fatigue.’

How financial advisers can talk about their fees so clients understand just how much they’re paying

Be transparent and cover every detail.

5 ways your company can make working from home even better

CEO shares best practices that have helped his company’s workers cope with COVID-19 challenges.

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Key COVID-aid deadlines pushed back to the fall in new stimulus law

In the past, so-called policy “cliffs” have driven lawmakers to act and likely will again. Here are a few of the more significant deadlines facing Washington.

Robinhood back in Capitol Hill spotlight amid surge in GameStop shares

The House Financial Services Committee will continue its investigation into the short squeeze of shares of GameStop Inc. and other meme stocks on Wednesday.

What would cause the Fed to take a U-turn? Hint: a lot more than some high inflation readings

What would it take for the Fed to reverse course and pull back from its easy policy stance? The answer: If Americans start to believe higher inflation is here to stay and spend like there was no tomorrow.