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    • OCBG +351.00%
      Alerted on: 11/24/20 @ 0.0100
    • APRU +164.00%
      Alerted on: 11/23/20 @ 0.0014
    • CIICW +108.00%
      Alerted on: 11/17/20 @ 1.1000
    • TSNP +85.00%
      Alerted on: 11/13/20 @ 0.0070
    • VBIX +175.00%
      Alerted on: 11/11/20 @ 0.0200
    • ZVTK +990.00%
      Alerted on: 11/02/20 @ 0.0044
    • PAVMW +688.00%
      Alerted on: 10/29/20 @ 0.8800
    • PHIOW +1,275.00%
      Alerted on: 10/28/20 @ 0.0800
    • GMPW +102.00%
      Alerted on: 10/26/20 @ 0.0300
    • PSRU +710.00%
      Alerted on: 09/30/20 @ 0.0150
    • rysky007 : how are you?
    • rysky007 : good morning
    • HenryDev14 : There were news by $GWSO yesterday. https://www.gwsogroup.com/a-clean-fuel-for-the-future/ I would suspect they will come with news today.
    • rysky007 : doing great, lots of little movers today, waiting to see which will break out 🙂
    • HenryDev14 : think the same
    • rysky007 : IDVV new HOD
    • rysky007 : and another HOD wow
    • HenryDev14 : :0
    • rysky007 : second highest vol day in a while
    • rysky007 : might keep going, lets see
    • rysky007 : IDVV new HOD again
    • rysky007 : .0139 wow
    • rysky007 : .014
    • HenryDev14 : AMENDED ANNUAL REPORT FOR THE YEAR ENDED DECEMBER 31, 2019 - Disclosure Statemen https://sec.report/otc/financial-report/264628
    • HenryDev14 >rysky007 : 😀
    • HenryDev14 : As i said earlier - the news are here: Global Warming Solutions Inc. Announces Successful Completion of PCAOB Audit. Introduces New Product Line. http://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2020/11/23/2132033/0/en/Global-Warming-Solutions-Inc-Anno
    • rysky007 : .0018
    • rysky007 : APRU at HOD again
    • traderearl : What ever happen to other guy came here all time
    • rysky007 : who
    • traderearl : Forget name, was here all time for years
    • HenryDev14 : Is anybody interesting in crypto?
    • HenryDev14 : see the company BTZI (BOTS, inc.) - developed cryptoBot for Crypto Exchanges. They owns 5mln shares of $OBTX a cryproplay. I think they will move in parallel higher. https://www.bots.bz/bots-inc-launches-crypto-bot-software-for-crypto-
    • rysky007 : im trading Crypto
    • rysky007 : jumped in on XRP and increased position on #XLM yesterday up about 50% now
    • rysky007 : playing BTC a tad, but its barely moving now
    • HenryDev14 : good
    • traderearl : who you trade crypto through
    • rysky007 : https://www.binance.com/en/register?ref=15850206
    • traderearl : You not in US

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