007 Stock Classes


007stockchat.com offer free stock education courses covering a wide range of topics from beginner to advance trading theories, charts, technicals and most important how to generate profits.


Class Schedule

Class schedule can be found in two place:

  • Daily Emails:

  • 007stockchat.com Home page:


Class Topics: (class topics change and cycle, check email and home page for up to date class times and topics)
  • – MaCD : Learn the 007 Famous Middle Finger Effect©
  • – Bollinger Bands
  • – Support and Resistance
  • – Accumulation / Distribution
  • – RSI
  • – Patterns of Daily Charts
  • – When to buy and When to Sell
  • – Trading on the Ask
  • – Bid Support
  • – How to make $50,000/year trading Pink Sheets©.


How to join Class:
    • 1. Log in to 007stockchat.com then click on “stock chat”
    • 2. Locate Rysky007 name under the “Users in Room” on right hand side.
    • 3. Click on the microphone Icon next to Rysky007 Name for the audio portion of the class.
    • 4. A link will be provided for the visual portion of the course:
    • 5. Click on the link, enter the information that is requested and you will be connected to the visual portion of the course.
    • 6. You can communicate with the teacher by typing in the 007stockchat room. If you have a microphone you can participate via audio as well.


Please check the schedules in emails or home page every day for updates and class times.

Thank you for your participation and feel free to contact us any time: admin@007stockchat.com