BLTO - Bingo Tantion Inc.

Bingo Nation Inc. OTC: BLTO

The house always wins.

That's why gambling companies are such safe bets.
The gambling industry is projected to grow 5.7% a
year through 2022 – to reach $635 billion.

To put that in perspective, if you created a country
named "Casinoland" that got all of its GDP from
gambling, and absolutely nothing else… it would be
the 21st richest country in the world.

$635 billion is approximately the GDP of Saudi Arabia, and well north of Argentina, Sweden, Norway, or Austria.

But, as impressive as that is overall, Indian Gaming growth in particular puts that to shame. It's growing twice as fast as the industry as a whole… and Indian Gaming is now larger than Las Vegas and Atlantic City combined.

This isn't your grandfather's reservation casino.
Bingo Nation Inc. (OTC: BLTO) Indian Gaming is big, big business. To the tune of $28.9 billion
in 2014, and rising fast.

  Until recently, though, there wasn't much
  you could do about it. Unless you were
  the elder of a Native American tribe,
  you were completely locked out of this
  rapidly expanding, wildly profitable

Until recently -- being the key.

Today, there is one company -- Bingo Nation (OTC: BLTO), in existence for less than a year -- that gives you a direct in to the Native American gambling industry.

Bingo Nation Inc. (OTC: BLTO)


In fact, it's the only pure play in the market today. There is, simply put, nowhere else you can directly invest purely in Native American casinos.

That fact alone makes Bingo Nation one of the most promising young companies in the world. When there's only one way to invest in a massive, fast-growing industry, that play will eventually attract attention.


But what takes Bingo Nation from unique, solid choice to one of the hottest properties on the market are all the other advantages the company possesses.

Like the fact that Bingo Nation is revolutionizing the way gambling works… making it possible to entirely legally gamble on your phone, or in the comfort of your easychair in front of the TV.

Or that Bingo Nation is the first company that's bridging different casinos and tribes, tapping into the gambling action across dozens of sites. And, with exponentially-increasing takes, Bingo Nation is able to produce eye-popping jackpots like no other game.

Or that Bingo Nation has figured out a way to combine two games into one play -- doubling its opportunities to capture attention. And, not coincidentally, capturing a large and growing share of the younger gambling population.

It's little surprise, then, that Bingo Nation is projected
to generate revenue that's 1,344% above its current
market cap.

That means, if the price of the stock just kept up with revenue growth, it would increase 1,344% by the end
of the year.

Of course, that's not how stock prices actually work.
In actuality, market caps are almost always much
than a year's revenue -- usually by orders of magnitude.

In other words, 1,344% growth in almost certainly too conservative an estimate. True growth will likely be multiples higher.

And it's all thanks to the revolutionary new platform and business model that Bingo Nation has invented -- which you'll learn more about in a moment.

But, perhaps even more impressive, is how incredibly safe this business model is.

If You Had Bought Gambling Stocks In 2016 You Would Have Beaten The Market By 100% And Made An Easy 45% Return In Just 14 Months

But With Special Tax Breaks And Management Projecting $30,000,000 A Week In Revenue, Bingo Nation Could Put Other Gambling Stocks To SHAME!

Bingo Nation Inc.OTC: BLTO

The House's House

The House always wins, of course.

Except when it doesn't... because the truth of the matter is, every game in a casino is guaranteed to make money… but the whole casino isn't.

Because casinos have all sorts of extra expenses: they have to run hotels and restaurants at the same time -- often at steep discounts -- which are far from safe bets.

They also provide entertainment -- from magic acts like Penn and Teller, to music acts like Wayne Newton, to hosting fight nights. None of that is cheap.

And, of course, casinos are constantly competing against each other. As soon as a new one opens, an older one loses business.


That's why casinos aren't sure things. They shut down. They go bankrupt. (Just ask the current resident of the White House.)

But the companies that supply the games to casinos… that's another story.

Because the casino games themselves always win.


Just take a look at Scientific Gaming Industries (Nasdaq: SGMS) -- one of the stalwarts of the industry that manufactures slot machines. From its early stages -- when it was young, like Bingo Nation is today -- it returned 2,093% in a short stretch: Nasdaq Stock Chart

Or Galaxy Gaming Inc. (OTC: GLXZ), up 230% in the past five years:

Galaxy Gaming Inc. stock chart

Or Aristocrat Leisure (OTC: ARLUF), rallied over 1,344% since 2003:

Aristocrat Leisure stock chart

The examples are endless. If you make the actual machines that casinos use, well, you basically have a license to print money. Heck – you even get to decide what frequency machines pay out at – meaning, you get to decide, ahead of time, just how much money you make!


But -- and this is key -- Bingo Nation (OTC: BLTO) is different. It's got an even rosier outlook.

And that's because -- unlike all the gaming manufacturer's above -- Bingo Nation isn't competing in an already-established field. It's introducing an entirely new type of action into Indian casinos. One that should prove even more lucrative than what's come before.

Gambling Stocks Have Delivered MASSIVE Profits Recently...

  • Scientific Games Corp (SGMS): Up 145%
    in one year
  • Galaxy Gaming Inc. (GLXZ): Up 167% in
    just 12 months
  • Boyd Gaming Corporation (BYD): Up a
    smoking hot 250%!

Could BLTO be... ...the gambling stock to finally make YOU rich?


Bingo coupon

The simplest way to describe Bingo
Nation's product is: It's like a lottery.

Only it's so much more.

It's true -- the base game works similar
to a state lottery.

It takes in money, gives out tickets -- in
the form of bingo sheets -- and hands
out a variety of prizes of varying size.

Bingo Nation machines can print out up to 100 million unique tickets each week. Think about that. That's up to $100 million in revenue, every week -- just on the main game.

Bingo Kiosks

Half the proceeds are handed out as winnings. The other half gets split
between the casino and Bingo Nation.

In other words, if Bingo Nation sold 100 million tickets in a week, it would get to
keep $12.5 million every week. As pure
profit. And that's for a company that, at
least at the time of writing, only has a $13 million market cap.

You're starting to see why Bingo Nation has
the potential to blast 1,344% higher in short

But -- and this is key -- what you've heard
about so far is only the beginning.


1.Like Powerball, But Better


You know when the nation starts paying attention to lottery jackpots, right?

When a Powerball jackpot starts getting huge. Usually, once it passes $100 million, people take notice.

And you get news stories of gas stations with lines out the door, with everyone and their mother lining up for a chance at that juicy jackpot.

The way Powerball jackpots get so large is by combining multiple states. You can't get that much money lined up only collecting in New Jersey… but if you add all of New England and the mid-atlantic states down to Georgia -- now you've got a Powerball jackpot!

And huge jackpots work. Because they grab everyone's attention.


Powerball jackpots have been a huge boon for state lotteries. They've increased interest, increased revenue.

What Powerball has never done is increase casino profits. Until today.

That's because Bingo Nation finally figured out how to create a Powerball-like system for casinos.

All of their machines -- across every casino -- are linked together for certain drawings, their "Powerball" drawings.

If someone wins the first one, great -- they get a huge payday.

But if a jackpot rolls over once… and then twice… well, it works just like it does in state lotteries. You get a feeding frenzy.

Only this frenzy isn't made up of hopeful citizens. You're dealing with folks who have come out specifically to gamble.


But if you think this is the end of the story… just wait. It gets better.

2.Armchair Casino
Play Bingo Online

Get this: Bingo Nation's users don't even
have to be inside the casino to play.

Once they have their ticket, they can watch online, or on TV, for the weekly drawings.

That's right -- Bingo Nation has brought
legal gambling to your living room.

In fact, you don't even have to go into the casino at any point. You can just give your player's card to someone else, who can
place your bet for you.

This is, to put it succinctly, a game-changer.
It might be the most revolutionary innovation to hit casinos since there have been casinos. This marks a potentially drastic increase in players… and gaming revenue.

But, if you think Bingo Nation is resting on its laurels, think yet again.

3.Drawing In The Next Generation

The biggest problem casinos face is demographics: Millennials.

The people who frequent casinos get older and older… but, in order to make a good business, game makers need to captivate the next generation.

So far, no one has figured it out. Except Bingo Nation.

In addition to its bingo lottery games -- which appeal to an older generation -- Bingo Nation has a second, hybrid way to play.

Think of it as a lottery with an instant payoff, like a scratch ticket. And this form of gambling has proven very popular with younger players.

In addition, Bingo Nation is developing mobile app games for later this year. They'll be available on both Android and iPhone, and they're free to play.

available on android and iphone

These apps are going to get more players familiar with the games -- an important barrier to lots of potential customers. If they can get to know the game safely, for free, in private, they're much more likely to give it a shot in public.

But -- perhaps even more importantly -- these apps will work as a cheap, accurate form of research and development. Bingo Nation can try out tweaks -- or entirely new games -- with no risk, and see if the public has an appetite for them.

If so, they can put them on casino floors. And if a game is a flop, the company didn't have to spend hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars developing it.

Free apps like this are the wave of the future. It's easy to imagine an upcoming time, of looser restrictions and regulations, when brick-and-mortar casinos go away and apps like these take over all gambling.

That's a far-off vision for now, but Bingo Nation is already thinking ahead. And, with the incredible, powerful market research these apps can provide today, they're a no-brainer.

The only surprising thing is that more companies haven't done this already.

Bingo for the Hi-Tech Generation: Why Bingo Nation Is the Future of Gaming

Bingo Nation is much more than a stock that promises massive returns for early investors.It's also a high tech company set to disrupt the entire gaming industry.
Bingo Nation has developed a series of patent-pending gaming technologies, including self-serve kiosks, player cards, and a mobile app that lets players check their stats on their phone.


All of Bingo Nation's patents have been inspected and approved by Gaming Laboratories International, the world’s leading electronic games testing organization.

What does that mean for investors?

That all of Bingo Nation's gaming technologies are ready to go to market and start pumping out profits.


Investor's Snapshot
Bingo Nation Inc. (OTC: BLTO)


Bingo Nation Inc.
  • Rating: STRONG BUY
  • Confidence: HIGH
  • First profit target: 200% gainfirst half, let the rest ride
  • Second profit target: 1,344% gainsecond half


4.The Only Game In Town

Don't forget, Bingo Nation is exclusively catering to Indian casinos. For good reason -- they make up the largest gambling segment in America.

Yet there is almost no way to invest in them. You can't own parts of the casinos. And the very few publicly-traded companies that supply Indian casinos do so as a small part of a larger business.

The only way to get a piece of this $28.9 billion industry is through Bingo Nation (OTC: BLTO). It's got all the tools in place, and the right people running the company.

And there's no better time to get in than right now.

This Is Your Moment.

Why now?

Simple -- Bingo Nation has only been around a short while – so it's still cheap.

Bingo Nation Kiosks

In January 2017, Bingo Nation received its certification
from Gaming Laboratories International (GLI). That's the governing body that decides what companies can install gambling hardware and software on casino floors.

In other words, only this January, the key went in the ignition and the motor started running.

Already, machines are being installed across the nation. And, as more and more casinos see the potent combination of "Powerball" style jackpots, play-at-home potential, along with hybrid lottery and instant games, the steady drumbeat of orders will turn into an avalanche.

And all of this is before the apps are released this summer... introducing an entirely new audience -- and generation -- to Bingo Nation games.

In other words, the stock is cheap today because there isn't even a single quarter's worth of profits to talk about yet.

But that won't be true in three months. And it certainly won't be true in six months.


MoneyBingo Nation is planning a 3,000-kiosk rollout in 2017.
And up to an average of $30 million in ticket sales every week.

That's equal to $3.75 million in ticket profits every week
to Bingo Nation. Some of that will be eaten up by initial outlays for the kiosks and development – but there's no doubt, that's serious money for a company with a tiny
$13.5 million market cap.

Simply put, the cap can't stay this low for long. As 2017 witnesses the burgeoning success of Bingo Nation, inve-
stors are going to come rolling in. A company that can
bring in $195 million in revenue in its first full year can
easily justify a market cap of over $1 billion. With the astonishing growth such a situation implies, $1 billion is probably too cheap a price!

But there's no need to be greedy. We can build in
some unforeseen bumps… a misfortune or two… and
say that a mere 1,344% increase is enough to hope for.

That would just mean a $195 million market cap. That
would just equal revenue. That would still be an insanely cheap stock.

But it would be an insanely great investment at today's valuations. Before Bingo Nation becomes buzzworthy throughout the $28.9 billion Indian casino industry, you
want to get in. This is still a ground-floor opportunity.

By the second half of 2017, the big money will likely already have been made.

If you're looking for meaningful profit in your investment portfolio, you NEED to research Bing Nation (OTC: BLTO) today.

If you're looking for a opportunity to possibly earn a 1,344% return


The Native American Gaming Industry Generates $28.9 Billion Tax-Free Income Every Year.

It Has Been Nearly Impossible For Investors To Access. Until Now.


The gambling industry is on fire, with 2016 delivering absolutely explosive returns.

Annual gambling revenue has skyrocketed to $99.6 billion -- approaching the $100 billion mark for the first time ever.

The Dow Jones U.S. Gambling industry index rose 40% in 2016 -- easily beating the overall stock market's return of 20.8%. If you had invested $100,000 in the gambling index on January 3, 2016, you would made made a cool $40,000 in just 12 months.

And if you had invested the same amount in the biggest gainers in the industry, you'd have made a mind-blowing $167,000.


That destroys the $20,770 you'd have earned investing in the Dow.

But there is one stock that promises to deliver even bigger returns than these.

A stock that could blow the Dow out of the water by 10x.

A stock that that inject a quick $50,000, or even $100,000 into your brokerage account if you get in early.

A stock with so much upside potential, it could easily be the biggest gainer of 2017.

Opportunities like this do not last long.

Bingo Nation is has the potential to grow into one of the biggest gaming companies in the nation.

Its platform has been tested and certified by GLI, the leading electronic gaming testing and inspection company.

It is set to roll out over 3,000 bingo card kiosks across the country, projected to bring in up to $30 MILLION in weekly revenue.

Its income is largely tax exempt, being a Native American Tribal enterprise.

It is part of a sector that had an average return of 40% last year, and the top-performers in the same industry, like Galaxy Gaming, delivered 150% or last year alone.

…and that's WITHOUT the huge tax advantages that Bingo Nation enjoys.

Stocks like this have given investors 200%, 300%, even 500% returns.

If you've been wanting a quick injection of cash into your investment portfolio...


If want to profit you NEED to take a look at this stock right now -- BEFORE it announces its next quarterly earnings statement!

...For possible gains of up to 1,344%, research BLTO right now!



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Hot Penny Stocks

Hot Penny Stocks

Now that you have made the decision to invest some of the money you have been sitting on in penny stocks, you are likely to find that unless you have been following the trends for a long time, you are going to need a little extra help finding the best hot penny stocks. Unlike regular stocks that you can follow on the NYSE, or international stocks and commodities you can follow on the Forex, you are going to have to go online or hire a broker for the best information on penny stocks.

The issue here is that this type of stock is traded privately rather than publicly, and in many cases if you want to know what the hot penny stocks are, you are going to have to find an expert, or a web site that is manned by people in the know. The trends are not as easy to follow without a leader board like the NYSE that you can log into for minute-by-minute updates. While this may seem more risky, it does not have to be.

One thing to keep in mind as you are looking for those hot penny stocks is that you are not going to be investing as much money as you would if you were investing in regular stocks. Although you do not have access to a standard market listing such as the NYSE, you will find that there are a number of different trading tools available to help you track the markets, see where the latest trends are, and stay connected with your broker.

The best part of looking for hot penny stocks today is that thanks to the Internet, and the more friendly environment that this particular type of stock trading seems to generate, you can find out everything you need to know to make smart investments. It seems that those who trade in penny stocks are always very willing to share their knowledge with those who seek it. A number of web sites have been developed by experts in this type of trading to share information not only among one another, but with novices who want to get involved.

At 007 Stockchat you will find information on the latest hot penny stocks, with continuous daily updates on new stock releases. When you need help, you will find that someone is always manning the live chat lines during trading hours, and that person will have the answers you need. There is also a forum where investors like yourself can share their knowledge and learn more about what it takes to make a profit in penny stocks, without the high dollar risks involved in trading on the regular markets, which are currently going up and down like a yo-yo.

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How To Trade Stocks

How To Trade Stocks

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about the Hot Penny Stocks Market?

Most people think about how fast they can make the most profit with the least amount of money. This is actually a very intelligent way to profit from the Hot Stock Market, but not logical. What most long term, swing and day traders don’t realize is the smaller your investment the more a stock has to gain for you to profit.

The correct method which makes more sense is to:

Invest the most money and take or get the least stock market profit. Take a minute and memorize this line, this is the difference between a good stock trader and a stock trader who keeps losing money.

Now let’s throw in a twist into this mix: Penny Stocks

Why Penny Stocks you ask? Because Top Penny Stocks can give you the best return on your money.

For example: A stock priced at $3.00 gains .10 cents for that trading day at $3.10 this is only a 3% gain.

You would have to invest at least $5,000 to gain just $150 increasing your value to $5,150

Now if you put that same money into Hot Penny Stocks priced at .05 cents and the stock gains another .02 cents for that trading day at .07 cents total a share you now have a 40% gain.

So if you invested $5,000 for that trading day, your gain is $2,000 increasing your value to $7,000

Also bear in mind an initial investment on a Hot Penny Stock at $5,000 is not a normal day trade for most penny stock traders. Only the successful wealthy ones were able to follow this method, giving them the best returns.

Human Nature tells us, Invest $1,000 and make a 100% gain for a total of $2,000

Corrected method is: Invest $5,000 and make a 40% gain for a total of $7,000

Use this Hot Trading Tip and you will see more profits than ever in your Hot Penny Stock Trading Career.

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