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TOPIC: What does the 5th letter of a stock symbol mean?

What does the 5th letter of a stock symbol mean? 7 years 8 months ago #2823

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"Definitions For The Fifth Letter Of Ticker Symbols

Have you ever wondered what that fifth letter at the end of the stock symbol is? It signifies that the issuer may have additional circumstances involved with the stock. Most recognizable is the infamous "E".

Complete "Letter" list enclosed below. You may want to print it out for your own reference.

The Eligibility Rule protects investors by ensuring that they have access to companies current financial information when considering investments in OTCBB-eligible securities.

Nasdaq will continue to monitor the filing status of all OTCBB issuers. In the event of a filing delinquency, Nasdaq will append the trading symbol(s) of the delinquent issuer's security with an "E". The fifth character "E" will be removed from the symbol once Nasdaq receives notification that the security meets the requirements of the Eligibility Rule. After 30 days (60 days for non-SEC filers), if Nasdaq has not been notified that the appropriate filing has been made with the issuer's regulatory authority, the issuer's security will be removed from the OTCBB.

Code: Meaning

A: Class A.

B: Class B.

C: Exempt from Nasdaq listing requirements for a limited period of time.

D: A new issue of an existing stock. (Often the result of a reverse split.)

E: Delinquent in required filings with the SEC as determined by the NASD.

F: Foreign.

G: First Convertible Bond.

H: Second Convertible Bond, same company.

I: Third Convertible Bond, same company.

J: Voting.

K Non-voting.

L: Miscellaneous situations such as foreign preferred, preferred when-issued, a second class of units, a third class of warrants, or a sixth class of preferred stock.

M: Fourth preferred, same company.

N: Third preferred, same company.

O: Second preferred, same company.

P: First preferred.

Q: In bankruptcy proceedings.

R: Rights.

S: Beneficial interest.

T: With warrants or with rights.

U: Units.

V: When-issued and when-distributed.

W: Warrants.

X: Mutual Fund.

Y: ADR (American Depositary Receipts).

Z: Miscellaneous situations such as a second class of warrants, a fifth class of preferred stock, a stub, a foreign preferred when-issued, or any unit, receipt, or certificate representing a limited partnership interest."
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