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TOPIC: Imaging3 IMGGQ news

Imaging3 IMGGQ news 4 years 2 months ago #10953

:) IMGGQ is cutting edge technology. Dean Janes is no longer imaging3 CEO. Company is now planning to move forward for FDA approval. IMGGQ already taken over by Toshiba will have new symbol 2 mo after FDA approval. Image3 is out of bankruptcy IMGGQ with Toshiba is set to reapply for FDA approval.
IMGGQ Imaging3 current CEO Dane Medley since Dean Janes departure has gotten rid of the overhead, and the company back on track. IMGGQ the images on the dominion are flawless. Former CEO Dean Janes submission for FDA approval without an attorney is what led to fraud charges. With new CEO Dane Medley with legal representation Imaging3 is prepared to resubmit the patent. B)
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